Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Swatched: China Glaze Cirque du Soleil: Def Defying, Bend Over Backwards, Running in Circles, Escaping Reality

Whew long title much? ;)

I couldn't figure out how to shorten it so that's what you get :) LOL I've got some more Christmas goodies for you guys! I asked for four of the China Glaze Cirque du Soleil collection and got them! Woohoo Santa must like me very much ;) I should have asked for Whirled Away but I've heard such mixed reviews of it I'm not sure if I should get it or not...

Anyways on with the pretties!

First up is Def Defying,

Def Defying is a bright green creme polish. Super gorgeous in my opinion! It's a very unique green, almost neon... I didn't test the wearability since I change my polish almost every day but if I were to bet I would guess this one might stain like a bugger so be careful! It applied like a dream like most China Glaze polishes may haps a little on the thicker side though. Below is three coats of Def Defying and one coat of Top Coat. Two coats should be fine for full opacity though. 

Next up is Bend Over Backwards,

Bend Over Backwards is a shimmery bronze-y orange polish. The shimmer is subtle, more like an overall glow which I really love. Such a strange name though.... I suppose I've heard weirder lol! Application was thinner than Def Defying but not so thin that it would be hard to work with. Below is three coats of Bend Over Backwards and one coat of Top Coat. Two coats is just fine though. 

Running in Circles is next on the list!

Running in Circles is a emerald green glass fleck polish. I only have one other glass fleck-y polish but I just love the way they look! There's such depth in the polish it's really amazing. Running in Circles applied more like Bend Over Backwards, being on the thinner side, but was still extremely easy to work with. Below is three coats of Running in Circles and one coat of Top Coat. Two is still way fine for full opacity here. 


Lastly is Escaping Reality,

Escaping Reality is a neon pink creme polish. Put your sunglasses on for this one! I read somewhere that this one is much like Flip Flop Fantasy from China Glaze's summer neons collection, I couldn't tell you for sure because I don't have Flip Flop Fantasy but it sure would fit in. Application for Escaping Reality was like Def Defying, thicker but not difficult to work with. Below is three coats of Escaping Reality and one coat of Top Coat. Two coats will work just as well though. 

Definitely loving these polishes. The other polishes from the Cirque du Soleil collection didn't really catch my eye... well except for Whirled Away which is a black and white glitter polish. I want your opinions... should I go ahead and just get Whirled Away? Or is it just too much trouble to bother with?

What do you guys think? 

Thanks for reading :) 


  1. Lovely picks and swatches, thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm loving escaping reality and running in circles

    1. Those are probably my two top picks too. running in circles is such an amazing green!! And you can't ever go wrong with a neon pink ;) LOL

  3. Awesome picks! I haven't grabbed any of these China Glazes but do have Whirled Away. Honestly, I find it too hard to use and very glitter sparse. Ended up getting rid of it. I'd been looking for a black and white glitter, but this didn't cut it for me. Ended up spending a bit more and grabbing the Sephora version. Pricy but worth it!

    1. Oh really? Hmm maybe I won't pick it up then I hate working with glitters that are just too difficult -_- I know there's some really good indie brands out there that carry black and white glitter so maybe I'll get one of those. I didn't know Sephora sold a black and white glitter.... hmmmm I must check it out!! Thanks so much!! :)

  4. I can't get over Def Defying. <3