Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween Charlie Brown!

Happy Halloween my little pumpkins!

How are you all on this spook-tacular day?! Doing anything scary or fun? I have always loved Halloween, though I'm too old to trick-or-treat now it's always so fun to see everyone's costumes, people are getting so creative these days! My mom told me I should dress up as a loofah ;) LOL Too bad I'm not allowed to dress up at work anymore *sad face* But at least I can dress up my nails right?!

Charlie Brown the Great Pumpkin has been one of my favorite Halloween shows for as long as I can remember. So what better way to celebrate Halloween then a Charlie Brown the Great Pumpkin manicure?

I started with a base of Wet n Wild Black Creme and used the water spotting method with Maybelline Color Show Navy Narcissist and Blue Blowout for the background. I also used both of those for the gradient on my thumb. I painted the rest of the details with acrylic paints, top coated with Poshe and the design was finished!

Eeep I'm totally in love!! I don't know if I'll ever take these off! ;) LOL I hope Mr. Charlie Brown would approve :) 

What do you think? Do you have any spooky plans tonight? 
I hope whatever you all do tonight you stay safe and have a wonderful Halloween!! :) 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge: Pink

Hello pumpkins!

Happy Wednesday!!! I don't know about you guys but this week is literally FLYING by! My blogging schedule is all messed up, I usually have Tuesday and Wednesday off so I paint my nails and get prepared for the challenge on Tuesday and work on blog stuff on Wednesday. Well, I went to a hair and nails expo with my school on Monday so I had to work Tuesday to make up for lost time and man am I all over the place today! So I'm sorry that this post is a bit late :( I had to paint them, edit them, and write the post right now! At least they are up now because I love them! 

Todays theme is pink and with Halloween being tomorrow I really wanted to do a cute pink Halloween design. What's cuter than girl skulls with bows?!? Nothing that's what! ;) 

I started this design with a base of Lime Crime Parfait Day. I painted the skulls and chest with black and white acrylic paint. I painted the bows and heart along with my thumb with Zoya Kimber and OPI This Gown Needs A Crown. And I painted the bones with black and white acrylic paint as well! :) 

Even though this design was kind of rushed I still really love it! It's so cute and girly but still Halloween-y! I'm really glad that I managed to get this design out on time and I can't wait to see what everyone else does for today's challenge! Make sure you check them all out! :) 

Thanks so much loves!! :) 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sparkling spiderwebs!

Hello chickies!

So can I first start off saying njfosghuihgrulsihvuihaiopirenvlasuhio -_- LOL Sorry I haven't posted! As you all probably know my Birthday Bash One Year Giveaway has ended and I've been spending all of my time trying to contact winners and everyone so it gets all squared away! I only messed up a little ;) But good news! Everyone has responded so I want to thank all of you who entered for entering and I hope you new followers stick around because I love having you here! :) 

Okay onto the nail art!

I've been in sort of a nail art slump for almost 2 weeks now. It's not that I have lack of ideas, I have plenty, but everything I do just never seems to come out the way I envision it, or quite up to my standards. Do you ever have slumps? I have no idea how to get out of it!

This is an example of one of my slumps... don't get me wrong I do like these spiderweb nails, they just didn't come out the way I wanted them to! 

I started with a base of Wet n Wild Black Creme. I freehanded the spiderwebs on with OPI This Gown Needs A Crown. I top coated and they were finished! :) 

Blehhhhhh! They are okay I suppose, I just wish they came out the way I wanted them to! Oh well though right? Better luck next time ;) 

Happy almost Halloween!! Be on the look out for some more spooky designs on this little blog!
Thanks chickens :) 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Pumpkin gradient-ed claws

Hello pumpkins!

Speaking of pumpkins... Halloween is never complete without at least one pumpkin manicure am I right?! I'm hoping to be able to create one or so more pumpkin manicure before the hallows-eve is upon us ;) 

But let's talk about this one shall we? 

I started off with a base of Wet'n'Wild Black Creme. When that was dry I taped off triangles in the middle of my nail and did one coat of Azature White. Then I sponged a gradient over that using China Glaze Bizarre Blurple and Orange Knockout. I drew the pumpkins on using acrylic paint. A little Poshe top coat and it was finished! 

Look at me getting all creative and stuff with my pictures! ;) 

And here's a bonus 'before' picture right before the pumpkins were painted on :) I love this "claw" look!

What do you think? Do you love Halloween? What's your favorite part??

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Thanks loves!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge: Rainbow

Happy Wednesday lovelies!

I'm sure you all know by now that Wednesday means mish mash challenges! Today's theme is rainbow and I was so excited because there's so many different possibilities with this prompt. Unfortunately I was having one of "those" days yesterday, you know, the days where nothing you paint on your nails comes out right, when you can't even paint your nails properly. UGH! I was so frustrated yesterday, I usually do between 3-5 designs on Tuesdays because it is my day off but I only managed to get this design finished before I just gave up    -_-

Well, oh well! At least I got something halfway decent for these :) 

I started with a base of OPI Bubble Bath for a base on all of my nails. Then I painted the drips and chevrons with acrylic paints. I top coated with Poshe and was finally done!

I know I could have executed these so much better, but I am still quite happy with the way they came out. I've been wanting to try rainbow drips for a while now so at least I can check that off my bucket list ;) 

Don't forget to check out what everyone else did for today's rainbow prompt! 
Thanks cupcakes :) 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Make the Season Magical with China Glaze HoliGlaze



Reindeers won’t be the only ones lighting up the night sky this holiday season. China Glaze® launches Happy HoliGlaze, a party-perfect collection sure to get the celebrations started off right. These twist-on-traditional shades and gift sets make perfect party favors, stocking stuffers and gifts (shhh, we won’t tell if the gift is for yourself!). 

The China Glaze® Happy HoliGlaze collection features 12 new polishes and one color traveling top coat.  

There’s Snow One Like You: Limited edition white Texture with matte glitter
Elfin’ Around: Red rust with an aluminum-like mirror finish
Just Be-Claws: Red with an aluminum-like mirror finish
Santa Red My List: Pink/red with an aluminum-like mirror finish

Put A Bow On It: Magenta glitter
Be Merry, Be Bright: Multi-magenta purple glitter
All Wrapped Up: Midnight purple and blue glitter 
Your Present Required: Multi-sized and multi-colored glitter 

So Blue Without You: Blue with an aluminum-like mirror finish 
Bells Will Be Blinging: Blue and gold multi-colored glitter
Mingle With Kringle: Fierce gold with aluminum-like mirror finish 
This is Tree-mendous: Green with fine gold glitter 

Travel In Colour: Iridescent travel effect top coat (not pictured)

The China Glaze® Happy HoliGlaze collection also features 10 seasonally-inspired gifts.  Gift sets include:

  • Be Merry: Mini bottles of Just Be-Claws, Santa Red My List, Put A Bow On It and Be Merry, Be Bright (MSRP: $20.00)
  • Be Bright: Mini bottles of Your Present Required, Bells Will Be Blinging, Mingle with Kringle and Be Merry, Be Bright, (MSRP: $20.00)
  • Touch of Twinkle: Just Be-Claws, Santa Red My List and Be Merry, Be Bright (MSRP: $15.00)
  • Dash of Dazzle: Mingle With Kringle, Bells Will Be Blinging and So Blue Without You (MSRP: $15.00)
  • Oh, Joy!: Just Be-Claws, Santa Red My List, Your Present Required, and So Blue Without You with a “Joy” necklace (MSRP: $30.00)
  • Good Spirits: Bells Will Be Blinging, Mingle With Kringle and a blue frosted shot glass (MSRP: $15.00)
  • Sparkle All the Way: Your Present Required, Be Merry, Be Bright, Just Be-Claws, and a purple compact mirror (MSRP: $22.50)
  • Get Carried Away: Santa Red My List, Your Present Required, So Blue Without You and a silver change purse (MSRP: $22.50)
  • Snow Buddy: There’s Snow One Like You, Be Merry, Be Bright, Elfin’ Around and a plush polar bear (MSRP: $22.50)
  • Holiday Travels: 18 mini bottles of Travel In Colour in a 12 pc. bucket (MSRP: $117.00)

The China Glaze® Happy HoliGlaze collection will be available in November 2013 at fine salons and beauty supply stores nationwide. Individual shades have an SRP of $7.50. The collection will be available in 24- and 36-piece counter displays, a 36-piece rack and 36-piece prepack in addition to the gift sets. 

China Glaze® is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde. 

China Glaze® nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide. For more information, please visit or follow China Glaze on Facebook (@ChinaGlaze), Twitter (@ChinaGlazeOfficial), Instagram (@ChinaGlazeOfficial), Pinterest ( and YouTube (

Born Pretty Store Tribal Candy Color Frosted Matte Nail Polish

Hello everyone!

I've got a super gorgeous and bright nail polish to share with you guys today! The Born Pretty Store keeps offering new things and I'm totally loving it! They seem to continue to expand their nail polishes and the one I'm reviewing today is their Tribal Candy Color Frosted Matte Nail Polish in color #11. 

Color #11 is a canary yellow polish that dries to a matte finish. The formula was a bit tricky to deal with, it's pretty watery so be careful not to flood your cuticles. Also, make sure you leave enough time between coats because if not the polish will drag and get kind of goopy... is that even a word? LOL! It didn't dry as quickly as most of the matte polishes I use do but it still dried quicker then normal polish. Below is 3 careful coats of #11 and no top coat so you can see the pretty matte finish. :) 

How cute is this bottle?! 
Overall I'm quite pleased with this polish. I just needed to acquire some patience for the application ;) The only thing I wish it had was an actually name not just #11 but oh well! 

The Tribal Candy Color Frosted Matte Nail Polishes retail for $4.36USD and come in 20 pretty shades. You can purchase them HERE or anything else from the Born Pretty Store at Keep up with new products and news by following them!

Make sure you use my coupon for 10% off when you go! 

Thanks so much loves! :) 

**Products in this post were provided by Born Pretty Store in exchange for my honest opinion. 
For more information check out my disclosure policy. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Space Pants

Hello earthlings ;)

Yes I'm quite aware the 'Space Pants' is a strange title for a post, especially when it has nothing to do with actual pants.... But hey! it made ya curious didn't it?? LOL! At least it has a little bit to do with space, that is, if you count galaxy nails! I've only done galaxy nails twice on this blog and I really love them. Eventually I want to start experimenting with the colors but I'm not quite brave enough... yet!

So want to check out some space nails?!

I started with a base of ELF Sea Escape and then used Maybelline Color Club Navy Narcissist, Color Club Eternal Beauty, Lime Crime Parfait Day, and Azature White to create the galaxy-thing part. I dotted on some stars with white acrylic paint after that. When that was dry I added a layer of China Glaze Fairy Dust because let's face it, you can never have enough stars / sparkles!! :) Finally I top coated with some Poshe and the design was finished.

Love them! People tell me I'm like outer space... well spacey at least... close enough right? ;) I'm feeling more confident in my galaxy nails so maybe the next time they make an appearance on this blog they'll be fun colors!

What's your favorite color combination for galaxy nails?
Thanks lovelies! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Holo marble and spots

Hi loves

I've been itching to do some more water marbling lately and I had some free time the other night so I decided to sit down and give it a whirl again. Man, I wish I didn't even bother ;) LOL These nails gave me nothing but headaches. I came very close to just giving up. I wanted to do a marble on all of my nails but the only ones I managed to get were three: my thumb, middle, and ring. And those three took me about 2 and a half hours! -_- Ahhhhhhh!

I started with a base of Color Club Miss Bliss on all of my nails but my pinky which I painted with Color Club Beyond. I did the marble using Color Club Miss Bliss and Beyond and used the same for the dots on my index and pinky. I top coated with Poshe and did a little dance when they were finally finished ;) 

As much of a pain as these were I'm really happy I didn't give up because I really love the way they look. They might even be one of my favorite marbles of all time! Just goes to show you should never give up because you never know what the outcome may be! :)

Don't forget to enter in the huge multi-blogger GIVEAWAY I'm hosting! It's almost over and it's international!! :)

Thanks so much lovelies

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge: Flowers

Hello loves!

I can't believe it's Wednesday already! I don't know about you guys but this week is just flying by! Anyways, it's time for another Mish Mash Challenge day. Today's theme is flowers and I have to say this is the first challenge that I'm not quite satisfied with. I had a super headache yesterday so they aren't as intensive as my other challenge days :( I suppose I should quit whining and just show you guys though right? LOL

I started with a base of Azature White. Then I freehanded the striped using Maybelline Color Show Green With Envy, totally mint not green -_- Then I painted the flowers... roses?... with pink and white acrylic paint and the leaves with green. I top coated and then it was done!

I really like the abstract feel to the flowers they were super easy to create, just two dots of paint and swirled together with a toothpick. Do they look enough like flowers? 

What do you think guys?
Make sure you check out everyone else's flower nails!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Born Pretty Store 2mm Round / Square Neon Nail Studs

Hi cupcakes!

Up for another review from the Born Pretty Store? I've been dying to try these neon nail art studs for so long and I'm lucky enough to be able to review them for you guys! 

These studs are 2mm and they come in neon pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. The package contains both squares and circles. I'm going to show you the pink circles and yellow squares this time but keep an eye out because they will definitely be making a reoccurrence on this blog! ;) 

Below I started with a base of China Glaze Bizarre Blurple. What? I've had this in my stash for over a year and I'm JUST using it? Ahhh it's so pretty!!! ;) Anyways, I put the studs on using clear polish and I did not top coat them. 

So pretty! These 2mm Round Square Fluorescent Nail Studs retail for $5.99USD and can be purchased HERE. You can purchase anything else from the Born Pretty Store from Make sure you stay up to date with new products and news by following them!

Don't forget to use my coupon for 10% off your order when you go!

Thanks so much loves! :) 

**Products in this post were provided by Born Pretty Store in exchange for my honest opinion. 
For more information check out my disclosure policy. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

This is Halloween

Hi pumpkins

Well, it's that time of year again! I love October because that means Halloween nail designs! You know pumpkins, spiderwebs, black cats and all that good stuff ;) Hopefully I'll be able to get a bunch in this year before the 31st comes. 

To kick off my first Halloween design of the year I wanted to do something that I haven't done before. I see Nightmare Before Christmas nails all over the interwebz and felt the need to give them a shot myself. I have to say I'm pretty happy with the way these turned out so make sure you take a look :) 

I started with a base of Wet'n'Wild Black Creme on my thumb, middle, and ring finger. On my index and pinky I used Azature White. I freehanded the black stripes on my index and pinky and painted the rest of the details on with acrylic paints. I had to use two coats of top coat to smooth everything out.

Awwww Zero! :) 

I'm still experimenting with my photos, I really love the soft feel to these ones, I'm not sure if they are too washed out but the polish colors are true to life. So we shall see! ;) 

But these nails we're super fun and I almost couldn't bear to take them off! I can't wait to do some more Halloween designs so keep a close watch for the next one!

Thanks so much lovelies :)