Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Always In My Heart

Hi guys,

If you follow me on Instagram (@pinkandpolishednails) then would would have heard already that my beautiful grandmother passed away last Thursday. She fought a short but terrible battle with uterine cancer, and watching her fight and slowly fail was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. But she is finally at peace and not hurting anymore and that gives me solace.

So, when I went to paint my nails I automatically went for my LynBDesigns Nightmare Revisited. My grandma loved it when I painted her nails and this was the last color I painted on her and she was so in love with it. It seemed only fitting to use it now, especially because it's one of my favorite colors too. I painted two easy coats and applied some Multi Heart Stencils from Stick It! Nail Vinyls over each nail. Then I sponged on some Wet n Wild Black Creme halfway up each nail, removed the vinyl and applied a coat of Seche Vite to seal everything in. 

I love the way this look came out and it makes my heart smile to be reminded of my grandmother. 

What do you guys think?

Thanks loves :) 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Negative Space White Blobbicure

Hey guys!

It's been a hot minute since a last did a blobbicure and I think it's about time I get another one up on this blog! I have to say, this may be my favorite one to date, so make sure to let me know what you guys think!

I started off by applying a thick layer of Seche Vite on my nail, while that was still dry I took Sinful Colors Snow Me White and blobbed it all over my nails. I let the polish spread and when it was dry I applied on more layer of Seche Vite to seal it all in. I also added this cute little crown to my ring finger nail!

I love this look! And I love it even more because you only need two things: top coat and white polish. That's it! No tools or anything, how much better could it get? 

Do you think this look is cool?! 

Thanks loves :) 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Polka Dotted

Hi guys!

I've been itching to do a dotticure lately but sometimes they can be so frustrating! I mean they're super easy to create but trying to get the dots all the same size can make you go cross eyed! And of course I'm SUPER ocd so I spend so much time trying to get them all the same time it's nuts! So i decided to try out these polka dot stencils from Stick It! Nail Vinyls and man, they were so much easier! Check it out!

I started with a base of Bear Pawlish Never Ending Story. When it was dry I placed the Polka Dot Stencils from Stick It! Nail Vinyls and sponged Sally Hansen Snappy Sorbet over top. I peeled the vinyls off while the polish was still wet and finished it off with some Seche Vite.

I'm LOVING the look of these uniform dots, my inner ocd is very pleased :) Not to mention Bear Pawlish Never Ending Story is completely GORGEOUS!

Love it!

What do you guys think?

Thanks loves :) 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fall Holo Leaves

Hi guys!

Super quick post today because I'm already late for work.... whoops! LOL But I am way too excited about these to make you guys wait to see them!

I don't have time to pot all of the colors used so if you have any questions leave me a comment and I will let you know what I used! I used Stick It! Nail Vinyls Multi Leaf Stencil to create this look and I am so in love!!

I mean seriously if this doesn't get you excited for Fall I don't know what will! It worked on me and I hate colder weather ;) LOL

What do you guys think?

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Oh hiiiiiiiii guys! Long time no talk!

Sorry I've been a bit MIA again, if you want to know why follow me on Instagram, I posted about it there ;) 

Anyways, my nails all broke, OF COURSE T.T so it's back to nubblies for a little while but hey, that's okay as long as I can still paint them ;) 

I wanted to do something simple today and I fell in love with a squiggly (yes, that's totally a word) design on the Expressionism stamping plate from the Winstonia Store... check it out!

I started with a base of Color Club Beyond. When it was dry I stamped over it using the Expressionism plate and Mundo De Unas Light Pink, and then again using Mundo De Unas Light Gold. I sealed it all in with some Seche Vite and that was it!

I'm loving this simple design SO much! It's kind of crazy and that's totally right up my alley ;)

Also, I'm trying a new set up for taking photos, I'm not sure how I feel about it yet but I think I like it LOL! What do you guys think?

Thanks loves :) 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Weave into Fall

Good morning everyone!

I've got a super quick post because I'm about to be late for work ;) LOL

I'm super excited about these nails because they are perfect for Fall! I've been wanting to do some season transitioning nails lately and I'm so happy with the way these turned out!

I don't have the list of everything I used right now because I don't have time to grab my polishes, if you want to know what everything is just let me know and I will post them for you :) BUT the weave pattern was created by using Weave Stencils from Stick It! Nail Vinyls, and they are FANTASTIC! 

Anywhoo.... check these out!

I really am so happy with these! It's such a fun look for Fall... or whenever ;) 

What do you guys think?

Thanks so much loves! :) 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Watermarble Vinylz 4 Dayz


Does anyone know wtf was up with Blogger? This is the first time I've been able to access it in more then a week!! What the heck Blogger?

Well, anyways I'M BACK and better then ever with this gorgeous water marble manicure using the new and improved Watermarble Vinyls from Stick It! Nail Vinyls! Let's get into it shall we?

I started off with a base of Wet n Wild Black Creme and applied a layer of Seche Vite to protect my polish. When my nails were dry I applied the watermarble vinyls and sponged over them with a Mundo De Unas pink, turquoise, and blue... sorry I can't remember the colors!!! T.T While the polish was still wet I carefully removed the vinyls, applied one more layer of Seche Vite, and viola! Watermarble nails minus the water.... and HUGE pain in the ass ;) 

Oh GAWD I am obsessed with these! So incredibly easy to use and the results are just stunning!

Have you tried Stick It! Nail Vinyls Watermarble Vinyls yet? If you haven't but you want to... or you just want to stock up get yours HERE! <- clicky the linky ;) 

What do you guys think?

Thanks loves it is good to be BACK :)