Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The funny story that really wasn't funny... pt. 2

Hey lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was full of yard work and riding four wheelers ;) Unfortunately that means my nails broke AGAIN! Damn I just can't catch a break!

But anyways are you guys ready for part 2 of the pretties I found on my steps? ;) If you need to know what story I'm talking about check out my first post HERE

The second of the two polishes I received from Azature is Light Blue Diamond. Light Blue Diamond is a beautiful light pastel blue creme that applied flawlessly. Swatches below are two buttery coats plus top coat. 

I just had to add another stamp on this one, I didn't do a gradient like before but I did find another stamp that looked like diamonds ;) I used Bundle Monster BM-422 and Color Club Over the Moon. The stamp is really light so it's a bit difficult to see.

I love love LOVE this color! Perfect for the spring time it makes me think of those cloudless bright blue spring skies :) 

What's your favorite springtime color?
Thanks loves :) 

Friday, April 11, 2014

The funny story that really wasn't funny

Hey wanna hear a funny story that really wasn't funny?...

So my house is on a small hill that leads up to my front steps, in the winter time we don't use my front door because the snow builds up on the steps and we would ruin our yard trying to shovel it so instead we just use out basement door. Well, with the warm weather we've been having finally all of the snow has melted in my yard. When it melted on our front steps my dad found a surprise.... a package for me dated January 31st -_- I ripped into the package to find two beautiful Azature pretties waiting for me and fully intact thank goodness!! I can't even tell you how many prayers I said to the nail polish gods hoping the polishes wouldn't be destroyed! Naturally I couldn't wait to get these gorgeous colors on my nails and was so happy to find they weren't even goopy! What luck right?! So moral of the story? Even when you have 2 feet of snow on your front steps CHECK FOR PACKAGES! Because apparently UPS and Fedex deliverers don't mind trekking through the snow to put a package there -_-

Bahh at least they were in perfect condition! I apologize for the nubbiness of my nails, they still haven't grown out but I couldn't resist showing you these pretties. I'm showing off Azature Light Purple Diamond, a beautiful dusty grey-toned purple with a silver shimmer. The shimmer is more pronounced in the bottle but it's still gorgeous! Swatches below are two smooth coats with top coat, though you could almost get away with just one.

I knew I needed some art on top, but my creative juices are pretty dry at the moment so I opted for a stamp that resembled diamonds to me :) The stamp is Bundle Monster BM-404 and I used Lime Crime Lavendairy, Maybelline Color Show Amethyst Ablaze, and China Glaze Bizarre Blurple.

I ended up absolutely loving this combination! I want to do some more gradient stamps too the look they create is so fun! And keep an eye out on the blog for the second pretty I recieved from Azature ;) 

Thanks loves 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A mini gradient with OPI Beach Sandies

Ehhhhh it's official: I've fallen off the wagon!!!

Bad blogger girl, bad, bad blogger girl. That sinus infection and double ear infection really knocked me on my ass! It also ruined my nails :( They're still nubbies and breaking and it's so discouraging! I don't even want to paint my nails right now! I sucked it up and painted them though, I'm still undecided if I'm going to post them but it's a start anyways ;) 

The nails that I'm showing you today are something that I did a while back and didn't really like, but I don't have any more posts backed up so I'm going to show them anyways! Who knows, maybe they aren't as bad as I think ;)

I started with a base of OPI What's A Little Rain Forest? and then created the gradient using the same polish and OPI Samba-dy Loves Purple. No top coat this time because I wanted to keep the textured look!

I just can't seem to get into the whole textured trend. When my nails scratch my face it makes for a very aggravated blogger lady ;) But hey, maybe I just haven't found the right brand yet.

Sorry again for being away for so long! Posts may be a little scarce for a while since I don't have any more back ups and I'm still trying to get my nails to stop breaking! But I'll do my best! Thanks loves for sticking with me even though I've been absent! You are all the best!! :) 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Bundle Monster Nail "Effects" Strips review

Hey guys! 

I must apologize for my absence as of late, last week I came down with a nasty sinus infection which then spiraled into a double ear infection :( I'm still a little snuffly but on the mend. But since I had infections my nails went to shit completely, they all broke and now I'm sporting some super nubs! Thankfully I took these photos before they all broke but I was so tired last week I just didn't have the energy to get this post together and for that I apologize. Me thinks I really need to get some posts built up ;) 

But let's get back to the reason you're all here... NAILS! I've got a review of Bundle Monster's Nail "Effects" Strips below.

Bundle Monster Nail "Effects" Strips are essentially stickers for your nails. They aren't actual nail wraps, you know the kind make with polish, they are thicker then that. While they are thick they are very flexible and I didn't have a problem making them fit to my nails. I did however have one problem with these strips, they aren't very sticky :( I don't know if it's because my nail beds are on the oilier side or if they just didn't want to stick. I found it easiest to apply them over a base coat and then seal them in with top coat. Using this method made them stay put. But on the positive side they are SO pretty! So sparkly and fun! 

You can see my issue in the photos below, my pinky nail just would not stay down!

Nail "Effects" Strips retail for $2.50USD and come in a variety of designs. They can be purchased at www.bundlemonster.com along with a boat load of other awesome stuff! Stay up to date with all the happenings by following Bundle Monster:

**Products in this post were provided by Bundle Monster in exchange for my honest opinion.
For more information see my disclosure policy.
Thanks loves!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring into spring

Spring.... what's that like? Eeeesh we're supposed to be getting snow today so I'm posting these to maybe convince mother nature that we really don't need anymore snow. Maybe it will work.... -_-

LOL But anyways I was itching to do some more gradients and I thought some nice light colors would look spring appropriate, though they came out a bit more "easter egg-ish" then I would have liked I still think they work ;)

I started with a base of Essie Blanc on all of my nails. When that was dry I created the gradient using Lime Crime Crema de Limon, Maybelline Color Show Green With Envy, and Essie Rock the Boat. I stamped over the gradient using Polish Me To Go White Undies and Bundle Monster plate BM-408. I top coated everything with Poshe and I was feeling super springy!

I was really happy with the way PMTG White Undies stamped, I've been looking for a white that worked and I think this may just be the one! 

What are you guys doing to try to coax the warm weather out?
Thanks loves :) 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Galaxy Nails: Tribal Space Edition

Yes this awesomesauceness of a manicure just happened.... whatttttt

I don't even know where this idea came from but I am obsessed! I wanted to do some more galaxy nails because I haven't done any in a while and then I just started painting over them with white acrylic paint and then this happened... galaxy nails, the tribal space edition ;) 

Okay let's get this process rolling! I started with a base of E.L.F Sea Escape on all of my nails. When that was dry I created the galaxies using Essie Blanc, Color Club Over The Moon, Color Club Eternal Beauty, Lime Crime Parfait Day and Lime Crime Lavendairy. I added a layer of China Glaze Fairy Dust for the starry effect but you really can't even see it -_- LOL Then I used white acrylic paint and a small nail art brush to create the tribal design on top. When everything was dry I decided to mattify it with NYC Matte Me Crazy and tadaaaaa! 

Does this next picture look incredibly orange to you? In my files it looks normal but every time I upload it to blogger it looks so orange and no matter how many times I delete it and upload it again it won't change... so I hope it looks normal but if it doesn't I'll have to delete it again boo!!!

I really just love these so much! A little bit of self love isn't bad right...... right?! LOL 

So what do you guys think? Do you have any other ideas for galaxy nails?
Thanks loves :) 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Inspiration Nation: FILTH Designs

So I was on the hunt for some nail inspiration the other day and I was looking for a challenge. I was searching the internet when I decided to take a trip over to my friend's Facebook page. My friend Nick is an extremely talented artist and he has a Facebook page solely for his designs, I highly recommend you check it out ;) Anyways I stumbled upon THIS design that he did a little while back and knew I had to take some inspiration from it, there's actually a few things I want to do with the design so keep your eyes peeled for some more posts!

I started with a base of Essie Blanc on all of my nails. I painted on all of the black designs with black acrylic paint and let them dry. When they were dry I added a layer of HITS Hefesto, because boys never make anything sparkle! It's a crime really ;) I finished the design off with some Poshe top coat. 

With flash :) 
Ahhhh these were so much fun to create!! I mean they took a little while (3 hours -_-) but it was definitely worth it to see the look on Nick's face when I showed him LOL 

What do you think? Have you ever been inspired to do nail art off a design like this? 
Thanks loves :)