Copyright & Disclosure

Copyright and Image Use:

My Images:

My images may be re-shared, re-blogged, or pinned for personal use only as long as Pink & Polished is credited properly. Commercial use requires my permission and needs to be credited appropriately. Don't be afraid! Just ask LOL I will always say yes as long as I'm credited back ;) However if you use my photos without permission I will ask that they are removed and will have to consider granting permission in the future. 

Please do not alter my images in any way, including removing or replacing the Pink & Polished watermark, or altering the images as to make them unrecognizable

Your Images:

I will always give credit where it is appropriate. Most of the photographs used on my site are photographed by me. But if I do use an outside source for an image it will always be credited and if I am able to do so I will also provide a link to the original image. If for any reason an image that I believe is public is in fact not, please feel free to email me and I will credit appropriately or remove the image. If you are the owner of an image you do not want me to use please contact me and I will remove the image as soon as possible. 

Disclosure Policy:

My blog is a personal blog written and edited by myself. I do accept and keep free products, services, travel, event tickets, and other forms of compensation from companies and organizations. These types of compensations will in no way influence my own opinion. Any posts will be clearly identified and stated at the beginning and end of each post per FTV guidelines. These statements apply to each post and are true at the time of the original posting. 

The opinions stated on my blog are mine alone. I will only endorse products or services that I believe are worth such endorsement. 

Specific Disclosures:

Press Samples:

If this is stated in the beginning of a post it means that all, or some, of the products used in that specific post were provided to me by the manufacturer, their PR firm, or retailer. I accept products I am interested in trying provided it stays within the category of my blog. Receipt of a product, as long as it is stated, will guarantee a review on my blog. This however, does not guarantee a positive review, but an honest review as all opinions on this blog are mine. 

Sponsored Post:

This indicates that I was compensated for providing the content contained within the specified post. However, if the post contains a recommendation or review, all opinions remain my own regardless of compensation. If the post is solely informational, I will communicate the message of the sponsor in my own words unless specified by the individual sponsor. I will only accept sponsored posts that represent brands that remain in the same category as Pink & Polished. 

Affiliate Link: 

If there is an affiliate link has been placed in one of my posts it will be stated a the beginning of the specified post. If I am not aware that a brand mention will result in an affiliate link but think that it is possible, I will state "may contain an affiliate link" at the end of that post. 

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