Monday, October 7, 2013

Serum No. 5 Swatches and Review

Hey chickies!

Sorry about my short absence! This weekend has just been so crazy! I'm definitely ready to get back on track!  And what better way to get there then a review of some gorgeous polishes from Serum No. 5? :)

As A Matte'A Fact is a sparkly matte top coat that has a suede-like finish. It's such a unique finish I had a lot of fun layering it over a bunch of different polishes ;) The formula was smooth and applied easily. Swatches below are two coats of As A Matte'A Fact over China Glaze Bizarre Blurple and Spoiled Distant Memory.

Sky Lights is a gorgeous glow-in-the-dark top coat with a blue iridescent shimmer from blue iridescent glitter particles. The formula was quite smooth but it dried slightly matte so make is shine with top coat. I'm loving the glow too... why you ask? Because it's BLUE! Yep I said blue. ;) Swatches below are two coats of Sky Lights over Wet'n'Wild Black Creme and Azature White.

April Showers is an iridescent topper with matte white glitter. There is a subtle iridescent shimmer that gives the nail a gorgeous sheen. The formula was slightly thick as to be expected with glitter but it was still easy to work with. Swatches below are two coats (one applied normally and one dabbed) of April Showers over Lime Crime Lavendairy and Azature White.

Beach Cruisin' is a mix of blue, green, and yellow hexagon glitters in a milky nude base. The glitters can sometimes look to have a reflective curl but they definitely lay flat on the nail. I was really surprised at how smooth the formula was for this one. I expected thicker because of the glitter but it was really smooth! The base of this polish is quite sheer so you will probably want to layer it over a like color. Swatches below are two coats (one applied normally and one dabbed) of Beach Cruisin' over Lime Crime Milky Ways

Serum No. 5 retails for between $7 - $7.50USD and can be purchased at Make sure you stay up to date with new products and happenings by following on their social media sites! 

**Products in this post were provided by Serum No. 5 in exchange for my honest opinion.
For more information check out my disclosure policy.
Thanks so much peaches! :) 


  1. Beautiful all of them - and very cool glow in the dark effect :)

    1. Thanks so much Maria!! :) I love glow in the dark so much and was super surprised to find a blue glow in Sky Lights lol!

  2. No way, I cannot resist to any matte/velvet/suede TC so my favourite among these is surely As A Matte'A Fact. Bizarre Blurple looks amazing that way!!!!!

    1. I totally agree with you! I love different kinds of finishes and As A Matte'A Fact is super unique! Thank you so much lady!!! :)