Friday, December 20, 2013

Oh dotted tree, Oh dotted tree!!

Rolling along on the Christmas posting train choo, choo!! ;)

My creative juices just may be returning to me, I'm feeling more inspired and I think my designs are starting to reflect that again. *Sigh* it feels good to be getting back into the swing of things! 

Anyways I've been wanting to do a dotted Christmas tree design for a while and I'm super happy I decided to finally give it a go!

I started with a base of Azature White on all of my nails. For my thumb and ring I did the trees using China Glaze Con-Fused?, Blackheart Beauty Jealous Type, China Glaze Def Defying, and Maybelline Color Show Candy Apple. I topped the trees with some yellow acrylic paint. For my remaining fingers I used a striping brush and the same colors and painted some random stripes. I topped everything off with some Poshe and the deign was finished! 

Look at that pudgy little Christmas tree! Awwwww

I wish I had my Christmas tree decorated when I did these nails I would have loved to have a photo with it! Maybe next time I suppose. I hope my creative mojo stays with me for a while but we'll see. ;) 

Thanks for reading cupcakes!