Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pastel Negative SPACE Nails with tutorial

Negative space,

What can I say about it besides that it's awesome?! Many talented bloggers have played around with negative space and I thought it was high time for me to jump on that wagon! I had this really cool idea of negative SPACE nails and, even though it took forever, I made up a little tutorial for you guys! So keep on reading to find out how to create some pastel negative SPACE nails! 

1. Gather your supplies:
    - you need a pink polish [Lime Crime Parfait Day], a purple polish [Lime Crime   Lavendairy], a blue polish [Lime Crime Once In A Blue Mousse], a green polish [Maybelline Color Show Green With Envy], a white polish [Azature White], and an optional glitter top coat [China Glaze Fairy Dust]
    - you will also need a small nail art brush, a toothpick or small dotting tool, a makeup sponge and small star hole punch and tape or star stickers
2. Cut out your stars using the hole punch and your tape.
3. Stick the star stickers to your nails, make sure you press all the edges down.
4. Paint your nails white.
5. Rip your make up sponge and sponge on your blue all over the nail.
6. Use another piece of ripped up sponge and sponge your white on randomly.
7. Sponge over the edges with your green.
8. Sponge on your pink in the white area.
9. Sponge over some of the pink with your purple.
10. Add white dots and stars using your white polish.
11. Layer on your holo top coat.
12. Carefully peel off star stickers with tweezers, you may need to fix up the stars using your brush and some acetone. 
13. Clean up your edges.
14. Add top coat.

Whew! I hope you found the tutorial at least a little bit helpful! ;) 

What do you think? Will you try out some negative space nails?
Thanks so much loves :) 


  1. Woah, this looks sooo amazing! Great idea! I may try this myself sometime :)

    1. Thank you so much Nyxx!! You definitely should give it a go! :)

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, I cant wait to try this!

  3. Ahhhh! I love this design!! And the tutorial is perfect - so easy to follow. I will definitely need to try this out ASAP :D

    1. Is it really?! That makes me so happy! LOL You definitely have to try it! Thanks so much Emma!! :)

  4. It's super pretty - so crisp and bright - spring, please come soon :D

    1. Oh yes please please spring come soon! This whole winter thing just isn't for me ;) Thanks so much Maria!!! :)

  5. Replies
    1. Well thanks Inky!! <3 I'm not sure exactly where I'm going but that won't stop me! ;)