Friday, May 23, 2014

I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee!

Won't my momma be so proud of me! ;)

I've been itching to do a bumble bee design ever since I saw the cute honeycomb image in Bundle Monster's 2013 collection, and yes, it has taken me this long to do it LOL. But regardless it's done and I'm in love! I almost don't even care the the bees remind me a bit of spiders.... almost. I just couldn't look at them too quick or else I freaked out! I mean they don't really look like spiders, that much. But legs and wings and thin lines can often be mistaken as a furry little eight legged creature that I'm too scared to even squish! Yeah, yeah I know I'm a weenie WHATEVER :)

Let's just get to the nails shall we?

I started off with a base of Lime Crime Crema di Limon. When that was dry I stamped over it with BM-422 using Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold. Then I used L.A Colors Black and BM-401 for the little bumble bees, I just stamped them in different directions. I top coated everything with Poshe and the design was finished!

This nail design was super fun to wear on my nails! It looks so complicated but it's really quite simple to do. Have you done any bumble bee nails? Link them in my comments and I'll check them out!! 

Thanks so much loves :) 


  1. One could say sweet as honey LOL
    But indeed it is, well done!

    1. LOL You're too sweet lady! Thank you so much Maria!! :)

  2. Oooh I love these, and what a sweet post title, haha.