Saturday, November 3, 2012

Review: Daily Lacquer The Lovely Moon Collection

Hi everyone!

Today I have a pretty special post for you guys. I have a review of a couple of the polishes from The Lovely Moon Collection by Daily Lacquer!! Maggy over at The Daily Lacquerista just opened up her shop on etsy yesterday!! To visit her shop click HERE. I have two polishes from this collection: Makoto and Moon Kitty. I also have a very special polish, it has no name but Maggy made it especially for me and I really hope she starts to sell it too because it's GORGEOUS as are the others! :) Ok let's get on with the review!!

From L to R: Moon Kitty, Special, Makoto
Look at all those holo pieces!! 

First up is Makoto. This is directly from her description "This is a clear-based polish full of gorgeous green and pink matte glitters and holo glitters. This bottle contains hearts and moons and the powerful fighting spirit of Sailor Jupiter. Dare to wear this lovely polish on your nails to make you feel like a Sailor Scout princess." 

So pretty!
Let me just say this bottle is literally PACKED with glitter. I didn't have to dig around for any glitter. I wasn't sure if the hearts and moons would come out easily because I know with many polishes that have special glitter like this in it you usually have to dig around for them. This wasn't the case with Makoto though, the first swipe I did I already had a pretty little heart! Below is a picture of Makoto alone, then over Sinful Colors Black on Black, and Finally over Sally Hansen's Heart of Stone...

The consistency of this polish was very easy to work with, It was on the thick side like most glitters but it doesn't apply really thick on the nail which is so good. Personally I hate having thick polish on my nails I always want to pick it off! lol! Like I said above the glitter pieces came out extremely easy, I did two coats on each nail. 

Overall Makoto is super pretty and really easy to work with. I absolutely love it over pink but since I'm obsessed with pink thats not really a surprise ;) The bottle design is so unique! I've never seen anything like it and I love that! The brush is long and thin making it easy to hold. And lastly the labels on the bottom of the polish are just so darn cute :) A+!

Ok next up is Moon Kitty. There's no description on her etsy site because you can only get this one when you buy the set. I'm not great at describing polishes but as far as I can see Moon Kitty is a clear-based polish with a slight purple shimmer. And it has a bajillion different colored glitter. LOL! No seriously it has many different sized holo glitter along with moons and stars. 

Look at all that holo!!
Moon Kitty is packed with glitter just like Makoto. I didn't have to dig for glitter and the stars and moons came out with ease. Below is Moon Kitty alone, then over Rimmel Venus, and then over Sinful Colors Black on Black.

So this polish is really pretty over the purple but when I layered it over black, HOLY MOLY beautiful!! Take a look for yourselves :)

You can really see that purple shimmer and all the holo pieces when you layer it over black if it's possible it's even prettier in person! :)

The consistency was the same as Makoto, thick but very easy to work with. Above is only one coat of Moon Kitty over each nail! You can so tell its way full of glitter :)

Overall Moon Kitty was easy to work with and very pretty. I don't own many purple polishes or glitters and this one is definitely a keeper! Moon Kitty is beautiful over many different colors but you absolutely have to layer is over black to get the full effect! :) The brush and bottle are obviously the same as Makoto ;) A+

Lastly is the polish Maggy made for me I figured I'd review that one too! :) This polish looks to be a clear-based polish full of pink shimmer! Maybe it's not clear though because I didn't even need any base polish for this but hey I don't know much about polishes like this ;) The polish is also packed with small holo glitter :)

No bottom bottle shot because there's no name sorry all! Below is the polish alone on one nail and then on all, and then over Sinful Colors Black on Black

Like I said this polish doesn't need any "undies" But both of the others were so pretty over black I figured why not! And boy am I glad I did you have to look!

Gorgeous right? :) The consistency of this polish is a little thinner then the others and still very easy to work with. Above is one coat on all of my nails with the exception of the middle pic where I did two but really you only need one. I couldn't even believe I only used one coat and it covered so well!! 

Overall the polish was not as thick as the others and still easy to work with. This is definitely a beautiful addition to my pink polishes! And the brush and bottle were still the same as the others duh! ;) A+!

I don't know if you guys know Maggy but she is a huge sweetheart and I hope she is very successful not only because she's so nice but also because she really does make amazing polishes :) Here's the link again for her Etsy shop I hope you all take a look she has even more pretty polishes up for sale too!

So what do you guys think? 

Thanks again for reading!! :)

*Products in this post were provided for review*


  1. Moon Kitty is awesome! I agree that it looks best over the black.

    I want it....

  2. Thank you sooo much!!! Your swatches are BEAUTIFUL Kristine!!! <3 I'm so happy!!! <3

    1. No problem they're only beautiful because the polish is beautiful!!!! :)

  3. Wow, these are great shots!! ^^ I'll definitely be picking some of these up in the future! I really really hope Maggy starts selling more like the special bottle she made for you!!

  4. Your swatches are gorgeous!!! I love Maggy and her polishes are super gorgeous :D

    1. Aww thank you!! :) She's so sweet and really does make awesome polishes!!

  5. Great swatches, Kristine! Congrats Maggie on the opening of your new shop. I am totally psyched for you :)

    1. Thank you!! :) I'm so excited for her too I know she'll do well though she's got amazing polish!!

  6. They look great on you! You have fab nails.

  7. Replies
    1. Me too!!! I've been itching to get some more... I've already apologized to my wallet haha!