Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A mini gradient with OPI Beach Sandies

Ehhhhh it's official: I've fallen off the wagon!!!

Bad blogger girl, bad, bad blogger girl. That sinus infection and double ear infection really knocked me on my ass! It also ruined my nails :( They're still nubbies and breaking and it's so discouraging! I don't even want to paint my nails right now! I sucked it up and painted them though, I'm still undecided if I'm going to post them but it's a start anyways ;) 

The nails that I'm showing you today are something that I did a while back and didn't really like, but I don't have any more posts backed up so I'm going to show them anyways! Who knows, maybe they aren't as bad as I think ;)

I started with a base of OPI What's A Little Rain Forest? and then created the gradient using the same polish and OPI Samba-dy Loves Purple. No top coat this time because I wanted to keep the textured look!

I just can't seem to get into the whole textured trend. When my nails scratch my face it makes for a very aggravated blogger lady ;) But hey, maybe I just haven't found the right brand yet.

Sorry again for being away for so long! Posts may be a little scarce for a while since I don't have any more back ups and I'm still trying to get my nails to stop breaking! But I'll do my best! Thanks loves for sticking with me even though I've been absent! You are all the best!! :) 


  1. Awww, take care and get well soon!

    BTW I really like the combo here. To me it's not as bad as you think XD

    I'm in love with textured polishes, I just can't get enough of! Odd thing, since I'm a glitter hater.
    Maybe you should try subtle textured ones, just like the first sand varnishes from colour&go by essence. The one I've worn some days ago was not gritty at all!

    1. Aw thank you so much!! I'm finally feeling better so hopefully things will get back on track here :) I think I may just take your advice and see if I can get my hands on some Colour&Go by Essence, I'm always open to trying new polishes! Thanks for the tip lady!!! :)

  2. Dang woman! Take care of your precious self, please?
    I do like this likey a lot! <3

    1. Hahaha but how can I take care of myself when I have to take care of everyone else first?!?! LOL Thanks so much Inky lady!!! <3