Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Baroness X Polish for the ASPCA

Want to see some gorgeous polishes? A while back I swatched some pretties for the wonderful Baroness X, well guess what? She's back at it again! This time she's bringing you two super sweet polishes as a benefit for the ASPCA. As a lot of you probably know I'm a huge animal lover, I actually even have an instagram account just for my two pups @leana_and_lily. Yeah I'm kind of crazy but I'm sure you guys knew that already ;) 

I'm so excited to share these with you, a perfect combination of my two favorite things.

Pampered Poodle is a beautiful soft bubblegum pink with an icy blue shimmer. The formula was great, super smooth and easy to apply. Below is three coats on all nails except for my ring where it's one coat over black, man what a transformation! Pampered Poodle dried quite shiny but I added top coat for longevity. 

Purr-ple Purr-fection is a juicy grape jelly packed with glitters of all sizes. From what I can see in the bottle there are tiny silver holo hexes, medium blue hexes, pink circles, and some shredded glitter too. Because it has so much glitter in it, Purr-ple Purr-fection is a bit thicker, but by no means difficult to work with. You also get a cute package of neon stars to add in if you wish, I've got one sandwiched between layers on my ring finger. Personally I love it! Below is three coats plus top coat. 

Baroness X retails for $4.00-$4.25USD for 5mL and $8.00-$9.00USD for 15mL and can be purchased from her website: www.baronessx.com or her Etsy store. I should also note that all Baroness X polishes are 5-free and and Cruelty Free. If you want to purchase these two polishes for charity make sure you buy from her website since they are only available there :) Stay up-to-date on all the happenings by following Baroness X:

Thanks loves!

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