Monday, June 9, 2014

Under the sea

Undah da sea! Undah da sea!
When da sardine
Begin da beguine
It's music to me!

Now someone tell me what song this is! ;) And tell me you had to sing it in his voice, because you know I did.

My design today is inspired by an inhabitant of the sea, an octopus! I've always been so intrigued but the octopus, why I'm not certain, they are just beautiful creatures. Yeah I know, point and laugh at the weirdo it's okay <-- LOL

No let's get on to the nails! I started out with a base of Color Club Over the Moon and stamped over it using two images on plate BM-401 and Maybelline Color Show Navy Narcissist. I added in some bubbles with some white acrylic paint and Color Club Over the Moon. Finally a layer of Poshe to seal everything in finished up the design. 

These nails were so quick to create and the final product was worthy to be 10,000 leagues under the sea ;) 

I gotta know, what's your favorite sea creature?
Thanks loves :) 

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