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Pretty & Polished Beauty Box for July

Goooooooood morning!
And a good morning it is indeed. Today I have the Beauty Box from Pretty & Polished to share with you guys for the month of July. This is my first experience with Pretty & Polished Beauty Boxes and I am super impressed! Chels really did a fantastic job and from what I read all of the boxes are superb.

The box for July contains two exclusive full sized polishes, two minis, a sample of her new Vanilla Mint foot soak, A nail file and brush, water decals, and a nail art bow. Seriously this box is packed! Oh and she also included a discount code for July in there so make sure you don't miss out on that :)  

Let's get started on the two full sized exclusive polishes.

Bioluminescense is a pretty cobalt blue sheer jelly filled with tiny blue matte glitters. I've also been told that this polish glow BLUE! Sadly, the base that I used for my swatches was too dark to get a good glow T.T and I haven't seen a good picture of the glow yet but when I find one I'll make sure to update this post with the link so you guys can see the gorgeousness! Because the polish is so sheer, I decided to layer it over a similar color (Nina Ultra Pro Blue Blaze). I really like the effect, but you can also layer three thicker coats alone for a squishy jelly look. The formula was great, thin but you still get a nice payoff of glitter with each coat. Below is two coats over blue with top coat. 

Mintabie is a stunning raspberry jelly base packed with beautiful sapphire glitters and iridescent shreds along with a subtle but gorgeous raspberry / purple shimmer. Even though the base is quite sheer you can build it to opacity, or near opacity, with three careful coats. The formula was a bit thicker, just because it is so packed with glitter, but still very easy to work with. Below is three careful coats with two coat of top coat to give it a nice sheen. 

Next up is the two minis.

Hubble Trouble is a great mix of multi-sized glitters in a variety of colors. Just looking at the bottle I can see bits of emerald green, gold, blue, purple, and copper just to name a few. All of the glitters are suspended in a blackened jelly base. The base is extremely sheer on this one so I'm not sure that it can be built to any sort of opacity so I decided to layer it over black. This polish would look great over any dark color, black is just always my choice because it brings out all of the gorgeous glitters. The formula was thicker on this because of all of the glitters but still very manageable. Below is two coats of Hubble Trouble over black with two coats of top coat, though the glitter still ate it and it's not as smooth as it should be. ;) 

Last up for the polishes is Nova Say Nova, a beautiful duochrome that shifts from a pumpkin spice orange, to a juicy maroon, all the way to a shy olive green that you can only see at the very edges. Love, love, love this shade! The formula was perfect, buttery smooth. This polish can be worn on it's own or layered over black for a more intense color shift. I chose to wear it on it's own. Below is three thin coats with top coat. 

The decals are super cute, the pack includes, hearts, stars, and lines, some that say love all in a lace-esque pattern. They were very easy to use, just dip them in water for a few seconds and the decal will slide right off of the paper backing. I also loved the nail art bow! I've never used bows before but I'm definitely going to use them again it's so cute and chunky! 

I don't have the foot soak pictured here, mainly because I hate feet and I'm sure you guys don't want to see my feet ;) But I did use the new soak, it was great actually. I was a little weary about the smell because I'm very sensitive to smells and it doesn't take much for something to be overbearing and give me a headache. But I was pleasantly surprised by the subtle, sweet vanilla aroma. It wasn't so strong to give me a headache but just strong enough to be relaxing. After I pulled my feet out they were so soft! Deifnitely a win if you ask me.


This box is available now and can be purchase along with all of Pretty & Polished polishes at The boxes themselves retail for $22.00USD or $30.00USD if you live outside of the US and can be purchased in 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions. Stay up to date with all new polish and product releases, sale, and beauty boxes by following Pretty & Polished:

What do you think of this month's box? Will you be picking one up?

**Products in this post were provided by Pretty & Polished in exchange for my honest opinion. For more information see my disclosure policy.

Thanks loves :) 

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