Saturday, August 9, 2014

Olive You

I'm so excited for today's post guys you don't even know!

Why you ask? Because I'm finally starting to get back into some in depth nail art again and absolutely love it! I've been in a slump lately and even when I did some designs on my nails they were simple. Don't get me wrong I love simple nail art, it's always so striking. But sometimes I really love sitting down and spending hours creating art on my nails. 

I saw this super cute photo on Google the other day of two cartoon olives and it said "Olive you" underneath them... get it? O-live you, I love you?! Come on tell me that's not the cutest thing ever??? LOL! I knew the instant I saw it that I had to recreate it on my nails so keep reading to see what I came up with :) 

I started off the design with a base of Lime Crime Milky Ways on all of my nails. I created the "Olive You", hearts, dots, and olives by using acrylic paints in various colors. I added a layer of China Glaze Fairy Dust on my pinky for a little extra sparkle. Then I decided to mattify everything with NYC Matte Me Crazy and the design was finished!

I really fell in love with these nails. I wore them for a week straight and it was so hard for me to take them off!! I mean olives really?! ;) 

Not only was I excited to do these nails, but after I finished them a whole slew of ideas came to my mind! I'm really happy to finally be getting over my nail art slump, hopefully anyways :) So here's to hoping that there's more art on the way!

And remember guys... Olive you all!! :) 

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