Sunday, February 1, 2015

Midnight Tips

There's something about winter that always makes me reach for a blue polish. Maybe because I associate blue with cold, or maybe because I just like the color blue. Whatever it is I love creating manicures with some blue in them like this pretty duo below! Wanna take a look?

I started out with a super secret polish from The Little LacquerBean, details to emerge soon! ;)  When it was dry I used some hole reinforcement stickers and placed them near the free edge of my nails. Then I used Sally Hansen Silver Sweep and painted over the exposed part. I peeled off the stickers, cleaned up, and top coated with some Seche Vite

I love the simplicity to this manicure, it makes it feel so clean. And this blue is just yummy! I usually find myself reaching for lighter blues but every once in a while a deep mysterious blue is just what I need!

What do you think?

Thanks loves :) 

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