Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Big scary: Freehand stripes

Hey chickies!

Recently I was searching for a new nail art brush since none of mine seem to be quite small enough. I ended up stumbling upon stylishnailart on instagram and found that she sells like a million tiny brushes. So I perused her brushes and settled on one and ordered it! To my surprise it came in really quickly and I got to play around with it the other day. I was feeling pretty brave and with my new nail art brush in hand so I decided to tackle one of my big scarys: free hand stripes. I've always admired those talented bloggers who are so good at making free hand stripes... it seemed like whenever I tried they went anywhere but straight.   -_-

But! Since my skills have improved and I got the right equipment I was actually successful this time! They aren't perfect but they are definitely a huge step in the right direction! 

I started with a base of Lime Crime Parfait Day. Then I took my nail art brush and created an off-centered stripe with China Glaze Pool Party and outlined it on either side with OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I finished it off with a generous coat of Poshe top coat.

I wish I could have worn these for longer, they're real simple but they really stood out! I think that partially because Pool Party is just so darn bright!!

What do you think? Do you do free hand stripes? Have any tips for me? :)

Oh! And I also got myself a brand new light box with brand new lights can you tell the difference in my pictures?? 

Thanks guys!


  1. LOL I feel you! I suck at drawing freehand stripes as well >.<

  2. You did a great job! My only tip is to go slow & not overload the brush with polish or you can get blobs. You can go over a line 2-3 times to get full coverage & to straighten out any wonkiness.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I really love the Lime Crime nail polish, although I never got my hand on one YET! Lol. But you did a great job at those free hand stripes. I can't get one straight yet . . but I will! Soon. Lol.

    1. Thanks so much lady!! I love the Lime Crimes too I knew when I first saw the swatches that I absolutely needed them all!! LOL And I'm sure your stripes will be beautiful! :)

  4. Love the color combo you used. I think you did a great job!