Monday, July 15, 2013

Let's get cartoon-y!

Hi chickies,

Happy Monday!! Or not so happy I should say. What is it about Mondays that just make me so irritated?! Maybe it the heat, it's been a pretty warm summer with temps in the 90's more often then not. I think its like 91 here today. Suppose I can't complain too much though I'm definitely a warm weather person... me and the winter just AREN'T friends. I mean seriously who wants to get dressed in 123785904 layers just to go outside in miserable weather and STILL freeze? Yeah I'll take this any day! lol! Anyways not that my little rant session is over I'm out of work and back to my nails and I hope you guys like what I've got on my little nubblins. ;)

I'm a little late to the cartoon nail party but hey... like I always say better late then never! 

To do these cute cartoon nails I started with a base of Wet n Wild Black Creme and then painted a ruffian in China Glaze Flying Dragon. I love this polish so much! It's a neon purple with tiny purple and blue glitters in it. Then I took Wet n Wild Black Creme again and did a black tip. I took my nail art brush and fixed the lines after wards. Then with my nail art brush I took some white acrylic paint and did a small line following the curve of my nail thicker at the top and tapering at the bottom and one small white dot after that to give it that cartoon "shine". Finally I added NYC Matte Me Crazy, a matte top coat to get my final result! Check them out :) 

I love how you can really see the glittery goodness of China Glaze Flying Dragon when it's mattified! But incase you don't like the matte look I included one shiny below that just has a coat of Poshe top coat. 

I loved this shiny too but I think the matte just brings it all together and solidifies the "cartoon" look! Which way do you like it better? Make sure you let me know in the comments! 

Oh and hey!! I just got on bloglovin'! Again... late to the party -_- But make sure you guys follow me there, and maybe help me struggle to figure it out lol!! See you there guys! ;) 
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I hope you guys have a lovely Monday and rest of the week :) 


  1. I really am so glad to see you back, and in SUCH good form too. I am amazed at this artwork. The color, is one I do not own, so I am loving it on you here. The art is perfect. The pics look great.You are so amazing superstar. WElcome BACK! (HUGS)

    So love seeing you again. You are such a great young lady to know and have in our nail community since the first minute I met you I though you were so sweet and cute and great! And I was right!

    1. You are such a sweet sweet lady miss lovenailpolish!! :) it's great to hear from you I've definitely missed seeing your beautiful nails!!

  2. Hahhaa, love this cartoon-y look! So cute! The matte does pull it together :)

  3. It's a pretty cartoon ;) - I like the glossy version the best...