Saturday, July 13, 2013

Will you glow with me?

Hey chickies!

Happy weekend!! I hope you all had a lovely polish-filled week ;) Sometimes I love the work week.... well only when I get some nail mail! This week I finally bought my first Serum No. 5 polish! I mean finally right? Earlier in the week I saw Dayglow reviewed on a few blogs floating around the blogosphere and just fell in love. Dayglow is a glow in the dark polish and can I just say wow? This baby is BRIGHT! Like get your sunglasses on boys and girls ;)

Below is two coats of Serum No. 5 Dayglow over two coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I like to put it over white because it will save you polish... and that's precious!! Then I stamped over it with L.A Colors striping polish in black. Oh yeah, Dayglow dries a little gritty which is actually pretty cool, but if you love that smooth polish look and feel then top coat is a must! 

Look at the glow!!!! B) 

Do your eyes hurt yet?!

I LOVE the lightning bolt design! And I think it looks so cool when it's glowing in the dark. I originally wanted to stamp a little devil on my thumb and ring but the poor little guy just didn't want to come off the stamping plate :( Don't ask me who the cute little guy is on now... not sure exactly what it is. But he's sure cute right? 

So what do you guys think? Are glow in the dark polishes bad ass or what? Last night when I turned the lights off to go to sleep I literally stared at my nails for a good half hour haha! Distracting? I think so! 


  1. I have Dayglow myself - and I thinks it's one of the best ever GITD polishes - and beautiful in daylight too :)

  2. Holy Freakin' Guacamole my eyes are likey! I have got to try stamping over glow in the dark polish. <3