Saturday, July 27, 2013

Do you Incoco? Incoco Nail Polish Applique review

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I have a cool review for you guys today. The lovely people at Incoco were kind enough to send me some of their nail polish appliques to show you guys.

A little about Incoco: With research starting back in 1988, Incoco has started a new trend in the nail polish industry. They are the first and only manufacturer of 100% real nail polish appliques, "taking nail polish out of the bottle and transforming it into self-stick strips."

I was sent two different designs, Summer Sizzle (pink checkered) and Venetian Lace (purple lace). I will be reviewing Summer Sizzle and testing Venetian Lace for its wearability! On with the review!

The nail polish strips come in nice small packages and they contain sixteen separate nail polish strips. Definitely a plus because there is plenty of sizes to choose from to get the right fit. Unfortunately for me I have little baby hands so I had a little difficulty getting a few to fit correctly. 

The directions are pretty simple and easy to follow:
- Select the nail polish strip that best fits your nail and remove the top clear cover.
- Remove the nail polish strip from the paper back by pulling on the silver tab.
- Choose which end will fit your nail best and remove the silver tab. 
- Apply the strip to your nail, gently stretching and smoothing it so you don't get any wrinkles.
- Remove the excess strip by lightly filing the end in a downward motion.
- Optional step.. I immediately put top coat on it to remove any small wrinkling which was purely my fault.

The pros and cons:
- Pro: Incoco products are 3-free. 
- Pro: Since the strips are 100% nail polish they are thicker then any other nail polish appliques I have tried making them more durable.
- Pro: They're really sticky, and because they are thicker if you don't place it right you can slowly peel it off and reposition it. I loved this because I can never place them right the first time!
- Pro: No clean-up! Nice and clean and mess free.
- Pro: No dry time! 
- Pro: Over 200 different designs to choose from.
- Con: Don't pull too hard when smoothing them on your nail.. I ripped one on accident and I wasn't pulling very hard. 
- Con: I didn't like the silver tab at the end because sometimes the tab didn't pull off cleanly and if thats the side the fits your nail best then you don't get that real crisp line by your cuticles. I know this can't be helped because you need something to grab on to but I figured I'd make you guys aware anyways. :) 

Quick pic of Venetian Lace I love this color. My sister was kind enough to allow me to apply them on her so I can see how long they last. They claim to last up to 14 days and I'll be sure to keep you guys updated. 

Overall I really like these. You can get great designs with very little effort and you're always left with a perfect design. The no dry time and no clean up and really make a difference. Definitely a great alternative if you're short on time and want some gorgeous nails! They also have french nail strips and even some for your toes! Talk about versatile :) 

Incoco products can be purchased here. They retail from $7.99 to $9.99 and they ship internationally!

Don't forget to follow them to stay up to date one all new happenings. ;) 

Have any of you tried any Incoco products before? Would you? Thanks for reading guys!


  1. Love the lace ones! Also I really like Incoco, they are pretty fab and have some fantastic designs!

  2. I still need to try Incoco. I love their designs!

  3. Lookin good, Miss K!

    I found the pinky strips to be too narrow at the cuticle end for my lil fingers, but the rest of the width was fine. So I used curved nail clippers to trim the cuticle end of the decals to fit better. I did my trimming before I removed the backing.

  4. Thanks so much ladies :) I found it difficult to find a strip for my pink too inky lady but thats a really great idea that I didn't think of! You're the best! :)

    1. If I can't be a good example...I'll settle for being a horrible warning! lol