Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ruby Wing Spring 2014 collection: Sweet Fantasy

Bring on the spring! With all these new spring collections I'm really itching for that warmer weather, especially the bright sunshine because these Ruby Wing polishes have Solaractive Technology which means they change color in the UV light! Now come on, tell me you don't want that bright sun now?!

I have swatches of Ruby Wing's spring 2014 collection titled Sweet Fantasy, a collection of six provocative new shades ;) Be warned though, this is a picture heavy post, swatches below are in normal light and after my UV light to show the color change. But what are you waiting for?! Scroll to see some pretties!! 

Centerfold is a gorgeous bright pink jelly polish with large black hexagon glitters, medium-large silver hexagon glitters, and small silver hexagon glitters indoors. Outdoors it transforms into a vampy blacked purple and the silver glitters look purple with the base layered over them. This was the most radical change out of all of the polishes and wow I'm in love! It's sweet and innocent indoors and turns vampy and sexy outdoors ;) The formula was tricky as to be expected with glitter polishes such as this. Because it has larger hexagon glitters they tend to clump together a bit so I just took a dotting tool to spread them out on my nail. Also, the larger silver hexagon glitters look to have a small bit of reflective curl but they laid flat on my nails. As long as you work slowly you won't have a problem applying this polish. Below is two coats of Centerfold, the first applied normally for the base color, and the second dabbed on for the glitter coverage. Over that I have two thick coats of top coat, glitter loves to eat top coat so make sure you layer it on good if you want that smooth shiny finish. 

Deepest Desire is an olive green shimmer with gold undertones indoors. Outdoors it transforms into a gorgeous glowy golden bronze shimmer. The formula was smooth as butter but it has an almost metallic finish so be wary of brushstrokes. Below is two easy coats with top coat. 

Dolled Up is a milky neutral base with medium red, blue, and yellow hexagon glitters and small red hexagon glitters indoors. Outdoors it transforms into a deep wine red. The glitters are less pronounced in the deeper color but still quite noticeable. Again, because it's a glitter it's a bit tricky to apply, just remember to take your time and you'll have no problems. Below is two coats of Dolled Up, one applied normally for the base color, and the second dabbed on for the glitter coverage. I've also used two thick coats of top coat for a smooth finish.

In Your Dreams is a sweet light blue creme indoors. Outdoors it transforms into a bright navy blue... does that even make sense? LOL The formula is fantastic, creamy and smooth. Below is two easy coats with top coat. 

Kitten Heels has to be my favorite out of the bunch... why? Well because it's bright pink of course!! ;) Indoors Kitten Heels is a gorgeous insanely bright pink creme. Outdoors it is supposedly supposed to transform into a neon red color, my bottle doesn't seem to want to do this. Mine changes to a slightly darker bright pink which is still super gorgeous. Kitten Heels has the least radical change out of all of the collection but that's okay, it's still a favorite in my book. The formula was the same as In your Dreams, creamy and smooth as butter. Below is three thin coats with top coat. 

Silk Sheets is a pretty light peach with a golden shimmer indoors. Outdoors it transforms into a darker, peach / coral shade with the same, albeit more pronounced, golden shimmer. Super pretty! The formula was smooth and easy to apply. Below is two coats with top coat. 

I have to say I am totally loving these new shades! The collection is great and the names are creative and give it a sexy twist that I haven't seen in many brands ;) Will you be picking up any of these shades?

Ruby Wing retails at $10.00USD for a 15ml bottle. You can purchase this collection and many more at Make sure you stay up to date with all the color-changing happenings by following them: 

What do you think? Which ones are you favorite?
Thanks loves :) 
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  1. Such a pretty collection! I can't get over how strong the color change is in some of these. In Your Dreams and Silk Sheets are particularly gorgeous. :)

    ~ Yun

    1. I know right! I was seriously surprised by some of the changes! Thank you so much Yun!! :)