Monday, October 6, 2014

Chicken Little


Why? Because chickens is all that there is to life. 

No but seriously these chickens are so darn cute you'll start to love them too! Want to know how I created them? Keep on reading then...

I started out with a base of Essie Nice Is Nice. When it was dry I took acrylic paint in various colors (pink, blue, dark purple, yellow, red, black, and white) to create the chickens. I sealed them in with some Essie Good To Go and to finish it off I added NYC Matte Me Crazy on top. Glossy photos below as well. :) 

I am really really loving this look, I mean I'm a bit biased because of my love for chickens ;) But let me know what you guys think! Would you like more cartoon-y designs like this?

Thanks loves :) 

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