Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Inspiration Nation: Halloween Edition

Hey guys!

I did that whole disappearing thing again didn't I? Poop. Sorry guys! I've been juggling so many things lately that blogging has kind of taken a back seat. I'm working hard on my line, The Little LacquerBean and there's some exciting things that are going to be happening with it so keep an eye out! 

Anyways let's get on to the nails! I'm sure most of you know Kelli from The Nail Polish Challenge, and if you don't you have to immediately click that link to see because she's amazing!! These nails are inspired by a manicure that she did recently, a mattified dotticure. I seriously fell in love with the nails she did and I loved her color combination, I really wanted to recreate them using the same colors but since it's almost Halloween I thought that a themed manicure would be fun! 

Okay so you're totally going to be mad at me but I literally cannot remember what I used for a base... I really want to say Lime Crime Milky Ways but I just don't know! The lighting is a little off so I'm not sure if it's actually white. Hmmmm, well it will work with either color ;) Then I used Wet n Wild Black Creme, Lime Crime Pastelchio, and Sinful Colors Citrine along with a large dotting tool to create the dots. I applied Essie Good To Go before my matte top coat to prevent it from smearing my dots. And when it dried I used NYC Matte Me Crazy to finish it off!

What do you think guys? I know it's not even close to the amazingness of Kelli's but I'm seriously digging this mattified mani!

What's your favorite design to mattify?

Thanks loves :) 

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