Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sugar Skulls

Hey guys!

I hope you had a super fun and safe Halloween! I was dressed as the queen of hearts, I made my own tutu and everything ;) But the best part of my costume was my two little heart cards that followed me around, my puppies! I've got a few pictures I'll see if I can get some posted! 

Anyways I've got one more Halloween manicure that I thought would be super fun for today, sugar skulls! Ready to take a look?

I started off with a base of Color Club Beyond. When it dried I created the skulls with a bunch of acrylic paints. I sealed it all in with Essie Good To Go and that was it!

So yeah I know they're kind of funny looking but I still think they're cute enough!!! 

What do you think guys? Did you dress up for Halloween? What were you?

Thanks loves :) 

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