Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Little LacquerBean Holiday Sparkle Collection Swatches

Hi guys!

Sorry for such a late post but this weekend has been CRAZY but I need to get this post out because this collection is releasing TOMORROW! Woohoo!!! 

Anyways, I have some lovely swatches for the entire Holiday Sparkle collection from The Little LacquerBean. If you want your nails to sparkle this Christmas then these are the polishes for you! The collection consists of two glitter bombs, a thermal, a glitter topper, and a super outrageous holographic. Ready to get started? I'm warning you guys ahead of time that this is a pretty picture happy post, I'm trying out some artsy fartsy hand poses so I threw them in there to see what you guys think. Let's go!

A super gorgeous Christmas green glitter bomb. A jelly green base packed with green holographic glitter of all sizes, some green holographic triangle glitter, and a lovely holographic sparkle to finish it of. Formula is on the thicker side as is to be expected for polishes this packed with glitter. Although it's a bit thicker it's still so manageable to work with, and the end result is totally worth it in my opinion. Swatch is three careful coats with top coat. 

The sister of Mistletoe Mania, Sexy Red Suit is a red jelly packed with red holographic glitter of all sizes and a holographic sparkle to bring it all together. I absolutely love this one! The formula was the same as Mistletoe Mania, a bit thicker but still manageable to work with. Swatch is three careful coats with top coat. 

Faded Xmas
A lovely subdued christmas thermal. I've been looking EVERYWHERE for one of these! Faded Xmas is a soft mauve pink when warm and a deeper neutral evergreen green when cold. The best part? It has a holographic finish! Yummy. Formula was super smooth and easy to work with. Swatch is three thin coats with top coat.



Warm in natural light
Flash to show holographic sparkle

The brighter, bolder, and merrier cousin of Under The Ferris Wheel Lights, Frosty Balls will blind you with it's sparkle. Green, gold, sliver, red, purple and blue holographic glitters suspended in a super outrageous holographic silver base. If you want to stand out this Christmas Frosty Balls is absolutely for you. Formula was easy to work with. Swatch is two careful coats with top coat. 

Oh god that holo (flash)






A lovely glitter topper packed with holographic gold and silver microglitters, holographic gold and silver squares, and a smattering of holographic sparkle. This would look so great over any color, I especially loved it over darker colors like how I have it swatched here. I love that this topper can be used year round, I think it would make a stunning New ears mani. Formula was actually very easy to work with. Swatch is one coat over Maybelline Color Show Navy Narcissist and with top coat. 

Whew!!! Kudos to you guys for making it all the way through! Make sure you tell me what you think of my artsy fartsy photos in the comments ;) 

The Little LacquerBean polishes retail for between $7.50-$10.00USD for a 15mL bottle. 
The Holiday Sparkle collection will be released TOMORROW November 24 at 7pm EST 
so make sure your ready! This collection along with other lovely colors can be purchased at

Make sure you stay up to date with new releases, new products, and fun sales by following The Little LacquerBean:

What do you guys think? Will you be picking any of these pretties up at the release? 

Thanks loves!

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