Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Candycane Chevrons

It's Christmas Eve Eve Day!

Wait... is that even a thing? It is now! 

Anyways I've got another Christmas design for you guys today and surprise surprise it's a chevron design... LOL These designs were never meant to be posted so close together but that cold really threw me off. I lost a lot of time for nail art and with Christmas almost here I don't have any other option. That's okay though because I am in LOVE with this one! 

I started off with a base of Essie Blanc. I then created the water marble with Essie Blanc and Dior Marilyn. I applied Essie Good To Go after to speed up drying time. Once the water marble was completely dry I used my The Little LacquerBean chevrons and Essie Blanc to create the chevron design on top. One final layer of Essie Good To Go and the design was finished.

Okay this design I really love. I was getting frustrated at first because my red bled into my white when I was water marbling, I originally wanted a red and white marble. But I actually quite like it this way, the white chevrons stand out more. 

What do you think guys?

Are you getting excited for Christmas?!

Thanks loves :)

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