Thursday, January 8, 2015

An orange a day with Zoya Destiny

Moving on with my untrieds, I have Zoya Destiny. I'm not going to lie I was SO excited to use this color. It's actually not necessarily an untried since i've used it once before but I never posted it up on the blog so it doesn't really count right? LOL

Zoya Destiny is a juicy golden orange polish, so sparkly! Destiny is a PixieDust polish so it dries textured and I actually quite like that. This was also my very first textured polish I ever bought and it was the perfect one to start off with. I love that it doesn't feel really gritty, and it doesn't catch on stuff like some textured polishes do. And if you top coat it, the depth of this polish is amazing! Want to take a look at what I came up with?

I started off with a base of Zoya Destiny (2 coats). When it dried I stamped over it using Bundle Monster BM-308 and Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold. I cleaned up and didn't apply top coat because that would ruin the textured effect. But after I took my first photos I did end up top coating it with Essie Good To Go so you guys can see the depth that this polish has. 

I'm not really an orange person. Unless it's neon orange I probably won't use it. But this is the exception to that. Zoya Destiny is really such a beautiful orange you can't help but fall in love with it. And when it's top coated, man it's just stunning! I thought that an orange stamp would be perfect to compliment this polish because I mean... orange... oranges... perfect right?! LOL 

What do you guys think? What's your favorite orange polish, if you have one that is. 

Thanks loves! :)

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