Sunday, July 13, 2014

Freshly dotted with neon flair

This little blog has most definitely been missing out some dotted designs. That makes me so sad because dotted designs can be so refreshing! They can look sweet and simple or incredibly detailed but one thing stays the same: they are so easy to create!! 

So let's get on with these nails!!

I started with a base of Orly Gumdrop on all of my nails. I created the dots with some white acrylic paint, one of my dotting tools, and a toothpick. I sealed in the dots with Essie Good To Go and added a neon pink square stud to each nail from the Born Pretty Store (they can be purchased HERE). 

I really really loved this design, I tried to wear it for a long time but sadly the studs decided that they didn't want to stay on for more then a day T.T But I really enjoyed wearing this color combination, I never thought I would like these colors together but I was wrong, they are so fun and I think that they compliment each other quite well. 

What's your favorite unexpected color combination?

Thanks loves :) 

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