Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Finally a braid!!

Good morning!

Happy day after Christmas everyone! :) I don't know about you guys but I'm POOPED! Lol!! But Santa was very good to me and gave me lots of polish to play with ;) So I'll be spending my day swatching those for you guys! Thank goodness I've got a few posts saved up so here's one where I was finally able to do a braided mani without messing it up! Enjoy :) 

I'm so excited today because I've finally been able to do my first successful fishtail braided mani! Woohoo! I've always loved the way fishtail braided manis look but every time I did them I failed MISERABLY. I'm talking too bad to even show on here as a fail -_- LOL but I followed THIS tutorial by Lucy over at Lucy's Stash. I put mine way close together but it's the same concept hah! Lucy's nails are always AMAZING! I don't even know if she has the capability to do nails that are less then perfect LOL! And her tutorials are really great and easy to follow you guys should definitely go check her out! So here's what I came up with...

Colors used:
- ELF Misty Haze
- ELF Dazzle Diva
- Sinful Colors Cream Pink

I only did an accent nail because I figured I would screw up at least one if I did them all hah. I love the pink and gray combo I actually wore these nail for a whopping 3 days! That means I really had to like them LOL. I still need practice but I'm so happy I've finally been successful at one of these :)

What do you guys think? Do you like fishtail braided manis??

Thanks for reading :)