Friday, December 28, 2012

Swatched: Zoya Ornate Aurora, Blaze, Storm and 18K Top Coat

Good morning everyone!

I've got part of my polishes I received for Christmas swatched! I was so excited to get some of the Zoya Ornate collection I've literally been drooling over it ever since I saw my first swatch! LOL! The three I have are Aurora, Blaze, and Storm. I also got the 18K Top Coat which I snuck in here too ;) 

Ok let's start off with Zoya Aurora 
Zoya Aurora is a purple based polish packed with holographic particles. I was happily surprised that Aurora dried completely smooth, no bumpy of roughness the generally comes with glitter holo pieces. Pictured below are three coats of Aurora with one coat of top coat. Aurora is opaque in two coats but for the purpose of swatching I used three to be safe. 


What do you say we get these puppies in the sun... or bright artificial light ;) 

Look at that holo!

Macro of Zoya Aurora on the nail

Next up is Zoya Blaze

Zoya Blaze is a gorgeous rich wine red based polish with loads of holographic particles in it. I actually loved this color more then I thought I would since I'm picky about my red polishes. Blaze dried smooth just like Aurora which is definitely a plus. Pictured below is three coats of Blaze and one coat of top coat. Like Aurora, Blaze is opaque in two coats but I did three to be safe. 

What's that I hear? More sun/bright light pictures? Well of course!! 

Macro of Zoya Blaze on nail

Number three is Zoya Storm

I was most excited to try out Zoya Storm because of all the swatches I saw, this polish stood way out! I mean what's better then a black holo? Not much I can tell you that :) Zoya Storm is a black based polish also packed with holographic particles. The holo particles really stand out in this one you don't even need a bright light to see that. Below is three coats of Zoya Storm with one coat of top coat. Two coats is perfectly fine for opacity though.

Even though you don't need bright light to see the holo why don't we see it anyways? ;)


Macro of Zoya Storm on nail

Last up we've got the lovely 18K Gold Top Coat

I was super excited to receive the 18K Gold Top Coat with my other Zoya's I couldn't wait to try it out! This is my first time using a gold flake top coat and I most certainly wasn't disappointed! The flakes in the bottle are all different sizes which gives it great coverage on your nail. I did sort of place the flakes after I got them on my nail but I didn't have to go fishing for any in the bottle. Overall I'm really loving the effect! Below is one coat of Zoya's 18K Gold Top Coat over Zoya Storm

I didn't want the holo in Zoya Storm  to detract from the gold top coat to no sun/bright light pic here but there is a close up :) 

Macro of Zoya 18K Gold Top Coat over Zoya Storm
This is my first experience with Zoya nail polishes and I am so hooked! The formula is fantastic, it's not too thick not too thin and you don't have to worry about the dreaded cuticle flooding. The colors are gorgeous and the bottles are cute too!

Sorry I'm rambling a bit LOL! What I'm trying to say is if you haven't tried it I recommend that you do :) 

So what do you guys think?

Thanks for reading!! :) 


  1. They look awesome. I would love to try some Zoyas. I can't believe I don't have any -_-

    1. I thought I could only order them offline so I never bought any but I actually found a salon near me that sells them! Sorry wallet -_- LOL And thank you!! :)

  2. I love the polishes from the Ornate collection. That is some serious holo going on there!

  3. I have Storm and I adore it...I really want Aurora, Blaze, and the green one! Loving this collection. Zoya is my favorite.

    1. Zoya is my new favorite lol! The formula was amazing and the colors are spot on.. what's not to love? :)

  4. WOOOW, they are so amazing all of them, truly beautiful!

    1. Yay!! Zoya was definitely spot on with these colors!! :)

  5. Lovely swatches! I looove the Ornate collection, Zoya really hit it out of the park with these ones!

    1. They really did! All of the colors are so unique! And thanks so much!! :)

  6. likey!!! Can I lick your fingers? lol

  7. I have Aurora and Storm, too, and I love them. They were also my first Zoya polishes. This collection is gorgeous!

    1. It is!! I know I'm definitely going to be buying more Zoyas in the near future!! lol!