Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rigging up the lights!!

Happy Saturday!!

Are you all ready for more Christmas nails?! Christmas is fast approaching and I can't wait! LOL Christmastime is my absolute favorite time of year! 

Going along with Christmastime... I LOVE Christmas lights! I really enjoy going out after dark and looking for lit up houses with my boyfriend it's so much fun :) I knew I had to try some Christmas light nails and I'm pretty happy with the results! They remind me very much of one of the best Christmas songs out there: The 12 Pains of Christmas! Gotta love that poor old guy trying to rig up them darn lights! Check out my tangled Christmas light nails :) 

Colors used:
- Finger Paints Well-Cultured Pearl
- Sinful Colors San Francisco 
- Dior Marilyn
- Sally Hansen Hard Lemonade
- Sinful Colors Love Nails
- Black Acrylic Paint

I think this mani turned out pretty sweet if I do say so myself ;) But every time I look at them I get that song stuck in my head!! LOL One goes out they ALL go out!! Hah I just can't get enough! I'm crazy don't worry I know ;) 

What do you guys think? Do you love Christmastime?

Thanks for reading :)