Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Review: Nail'd It Unique Polish Light Show and Peacock Squawk

Good morning everyone!

I'm really excited about today's review. This is my first experience with Andrea and her polish line: Nail'd It Unique Polish and I have to say I am SO hooked! The two polishes she sent me are Light Show and Peacock Squawk

Let's start off with Light Show!

Light Show is a pale pink/ milky white based polish with loads of neon glitters in it.... and I mean loads! There are also black glitters and a beautiful silver shimmer. As far as application I had no issues with this polish; it applied smoothly and I didn't even have to dab to get the glitter on my nail. Pictured below is three coats of Light Show and one coat of top coat I hope you like it as much as I do!! :)

Here are those black glitters I was telling you guys about!! ;) 

And here's the bottle shot! :) 

Totally gorgeous right!! I love these polishes that are opaque on their own! Also because the light pink/ milky white base is on the sheer side, when you build it up you get different layers of glitter and the effect is so cool!! Overall the easy application and beautiful colors makes this one a definite winner in my book :) 

Next up is Peacock Squawk.

I knew as soon as I opened the package that I would love Peacock Squawk and boy, I was not wrong! Peacock Squawk is a shimmery, slightly purple metallic-y based polish literally PACKED with different colored glitters. The glitters are blue/purply/green toned with holographic properties. Let me tell you this baby SPARKLES! :) The application of this polish is the same as Light Show... no dabbing on glitter here! Pictured below is three coats of Peacock Squawk with one coat of top coat!

*Bottle shot of Peacock Squawk coming soon ;)* 

I love the whole almost metallic-y look to this polish! And those purply blue green holographic glitters really make this polish stunning! All in all application was a breeze and the pigmentation is perfect! Winner winner chicken dinner ;) 

Both of these polishes are so beautiful and Andrea is so nice! I most definitely recommend this brand to anyone and everyone! You can buy her polishes at her etsy store HERE (It's currently closed at the moment). And you can also buy her polishes at:

Click the links to be taken to Nail'd It Unique Polish's pages :)
-Mei Mei's Signatures
-Overall Beauty

What are you waiting for?! Go go GO! :) 

So what do you guys think?

Thanks for reading :) 

*polishes were sent for honest review*


  1. Light Snow is gorgeous and fun - but both are beautiful!

    1. They really are! LOL I couldn't stop looking at my nails while I was wearing them :)

  2. Gorgeous swatches! Naild' It was the first indie brand I tried, and I still LOVE her creations :)

    1. I'm definitely going to go back for more!! LOL Thanks so much!! :)

  3. What do I think? I think I WANT!!! Beatiful job, Miss K. <3

    1. LOL! You should definitely go buy some they are even prettier in person!!! And thanks dahhling!! :D