Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's a Christmas Miracle!! ;)

Eeeeep hello again all!!

So you guys don't know it but I have a sister that I love dearly BUT she never lets me paint her nails -_- LOL So just imagine the shock on my face when she asked me to paint them for Christmas! O.O <- literally my face hahah anyways she's the one who always bakes the sweets. Since I can't bake if my life depended on it I'm pretty grateful :) So we came up with the idea to do some gingerbread / Christmas cookie nails! Look at how they turned out! 

Colors used:
- Color Club Ho Ho Holly
- Color Club Berry & Bright
- China Glaze Fast Track
- Petites Baby Blue
- Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold
- White Acrylic Paint

I'm getting hungry just looking at them! LOL The gingerbread man was done using a Bundle Monster stamp that I can't remember -_- and the cookies were done freehand :)

What do you guys think? Do you love Christmas cookies??

Thanks for reading!! :)