Monday, December 3, 2012

The Lazy 15: Where I'm From

 Hello everyone!

I'm really excited about today's prompt! But when I first got it I was totally stumped. I'm from Massachusetts in the U.S. I couldn't think of anything that represented Mass and I really didn't want to do an American Flag; I wanted to do something more creative! So I was looking at my puppies when the idea popped into my head! The capital of Mass is Boston and my puppies are Boston Terriers so BAM what's better then some Boston Terrier nails?! NOTHING that's what! LOL So I perused the web to get some ideas and came upon THIS picture and I was ready to go! So here we go... my Boston Terrier nails!! :D

Colors used:
- Sinful Colors Black on Black
- Claire's White Polish
- China Glaze Glistening Snow
- Sally Hansen Heart of Stone
- Black Acrylic Paint
- White Acrylic Paint

Aw I LOVE them!! LOL They are just so darn cute! I had such a hard time taking these off my nails I wanted to keep them on forever :) 

And here's a bonus! My puppies! :) 

Oh goodness I just love them so much!!

So what do you guys think?? Do you have any pets that you love dearly??

Don't forget my GIVEAWAY is still live and ending Dec 16th so enter enter!!

Thanks for reading guys! :) 


  1. That's so cute! What a creative take on this challenge, well done =)
    Also, your puppies are adorable. Life is so much better with pets <3

    1. Thanks so much! :) Life most definitely is so much better with pets!! <3

  2. That is such a great idea!!!!!!! LOVE THIS DESIGN!!!!

  3. I can't decide...who's cuter...your dogs or your nails of your dogs? They're both adorable!

  4. He-he, witty and both your mani and your dogs are cuuute! ^^

  5. So cute, I love the way you've interpreted this one!

  6. J'adore the mani and more importantly... the puppies! Awwww!

  7. Cute mani! Your puppies are adorable! :-)

    ~ Yun

  8. Beautiful nails and beautiful puppies <3 xx

  9. Yes, I'm commenting again, for the giveaway though :) This manicure was definitely one of my favorites that you've done!!! So adorable and clever too!!!

    1. Definitely one of my favs too LOL Love it and thanks so much again lady!! :D