Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Fourth of July! (almost)

Happy almost Fourth of July guys!

I know I'm a day early but I think this weekend may be pretty busy and I didn't want to miss out on posting these nails! 

Let me just say, these nails were a royal pain in the ASS! T.T But I absolutely had to finish them and I'm so happy I did because I love them! I think it's a fun take on the classic red, white, and blue manicure... let's see what you guys think :) 

I started off with a base of OPI Big Apple Red on my pointer, Zoya Song on my middle, and no base on my ring, pinky, and thumb. I picked up the houndstooth image (BM-322) on my stamper using Mundo De Unas White. While it was still on my stamper I filled in the holes with OPI Big Apple Red and Zoya Song. I let it sit for about a minute and then I stamped it on my ring nail. I repeated the same process on my pinky and thumb nails. I added a pretty rhinestone to my middle nail and sealed them all in with a layer of Seche Vite. And finally this design was finished!

Oh I am SO happy with these! I had to redo them so many times but I'm telling you it's so worth it. 

And I know I'm pretty bad at explaining things, so I have a video tutorial going up on my YouTube Channel tomorrow so stay tuned for that! ;)

What do you guys think? What are you doing for the Fourth of July this year?

Thanks loves :) 

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