Monday, July 6, 2015

Neutral-ish stamping

Okay so this TOTALLY didn't come out the way I planned it to... the yellow stamp turned greenish making the base look brownish but...... I'm kinda digging it ;)

It was out of my normal color scheme but I kind of really like it, it's neutral but still fun. Look for yourselves!

I started with a base of Glam Polish Without Love. Then I stamped over it using Mundo De Unas Neon Yellow and Born Pretty plate BP-L020. I sealed it all in with some Seche Vite and that was it!

It's so weird how the neon yellow stamping totally changed my base. Glam Polish Without Love is a beautiful berry polish! 

But it's still kind of cool!

What do you guys think?

Thanks loves :) 

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