Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HNAC Day 31: Your favorite mani

Happy Halloween all!!!

So today is the last day for both of my challenges and I'm really going to miss them! I had a blast doing all of these challenges and I hope you guys enjoyed looking at them as well!!

Ok so day 31 of the HNAC hosted by Glitter Obsession is your favorite mani. I took this to recreate one of your favorites either from yourself or someones else. I decided to try to recreate Nail Crazy's blood mani because it was just so cool!! You can see what hers looks like HERE. She did a splatter mani and I've really been wanting to try one but I think I may have gone a little overboard O.O oops! :) Oh well take a look! 

Colors used:
- China Glaze Fast Track
- Ms Pedicure Red
- Sally Hansen Unbreakable Heart
- Sinful Colors Black on Black

I think I may have used too much polish lol! But that's ok you live and you learn right?? :) Don't forget to check out the original version of the mani over at Nail Crazy!!! 

So what do you guys think?? And make sure you check out all of the challengers below!

I've got TWO, yes TWO, more posts coming up in a sec so stay tuned ;)


  1. i'm so glad you found inspiration in my work, thanks <3
    love your version too, i bet it would kept dexter busy for some time ;)

    1. Your nails are always beautiful how could I not find inspiration there?!? :) And I'm sure it would ;)