Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sad face :(

Good morning everyone,

So I had an amazing manicure that I was really excited to show you guys today.... but it seems that my camera and I are no longer on speaking terms :( It has decided that it won't let me charge its battery and will stay one for about 2.5 seconds before turning itself off again. Darn! Well off I go to Best Buy before work to see if the nice people can fix it! Just what I wanted to do right? Nottttttt :( But oh well I need to get it fixed ASAP if you guys don't want to start seeing some lovely Iphone pictures :) I know I don't want to see them *sigh*

But anyways, good thing I had a few pictures as back up, I knew they would come in handy! This manicure that I'm about to show you I wasn't sure if I was going to show you guys at all but it seems I have no other choice lol. Ok so "framed" manicures seem to be on the rise lately, I see them everywhere and have always admired them. I've never been brave enough to actually attempt one because me and straight lines just don't work well together :) So you guys are going to have to deal with my semi-framed semi-gradient manicure instead! :) I actually do really like the concept of this idea but.... it was my first try and as we all know first try's are usually messy and not always our best work. I will definitely try this manicure again (hopefully when my camera decides to work for me again) but for now I give you guys my first try :)

Colors used:
- Orly Decades of Dysfunction
- Sinful Colors Let's Talk

Look at those purple fingers! O.O

So there you have it my "mehhh" gradient-framed-messy manicure! Hopefully I can try this again soon and show you guys a better one :)
What do you think? Do you like the idea of a framed gradient manicure??

Thanks for reading guys :) I'll update you on the camera status as soon as I can :)

***UPDATE*** My camera has been returned to me and it works! It seems there was an issue with the charger so the nice people at best buy gave me a new one for free! Woohoo :) You will most likely see a second post in the near future because i just can't wait to show you my mani from last night I'm so proud of it :)

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