Sunday, October 21, 2012

One ikat, two ikat, three ikat, four...

Happy Sunday everyone!!

I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!! :) So I know I posted about my very first ikat just the other day and you all probably don't want to see the same design so soon but I just couldn't resist!! I finally got around to playing with my polish and put together a color combo I just love! Take a look :)

Colors used:
- Sally Hansen Teal Steel
- Pure Ice Wild Thing
- White Striper Polish
- Black Striper Polish

I'm just going to take a second to talk about the beauty that is Sally Hansen Teal Steel :) I am so in love with this color although it's not teal at all but a beautiful mid-tone blue! Unfortunately it's really sheer, it took me 5 coat just to get rid of most of my VNL :( BUT let me tell you about the deal I got on these Sally Hansens. 

So the other day I went to my local Kmart and obviously I went straight for the polish section :) I was looking for a new yellow to replace my old practically empty one when I saw one in the clearance bin and boy was I shocked when I saw that the sticker read .49! WHAT?! So for the heck of it I decided to scan all of the Sally Hansen's that look like the yellow I picked up and THEY WERE ALL .49!!! So you know I cleared out the whole display ;) 

I'd advise if any of you live near a Kmart GO! You might just find some .49 wonders :)

Ok back to my design! What do you guys think?! 

Thanks all for reading and look for some ghosts and gradients on here tomorrow! :)


  1. That turned out so good! Wish I was that good with my manicures! cute blog looking forward to more looks from you :)

    Stay pretty and also come check out our Elf Disney palette giveaway on our blog!