Thursday, October 4, 2012

HNAC Day 4: blood!

Good morning everyone!

It's time for another installment of the Halloween Nail Art Challenge by Glitter Obsession!! Day 4 is blood :) I thought about doing a drip manicure that I kept seeing tutorials of but when I did my other challenge for horror movies I created a really cool way to depict blood so I figured I'd do that instead! So here you guys go!

Colors used:
- Sally Hansen Black Out
- Ms Pedicure Red

.....well I guess it still is a drip manicure, just not the kind I've been seeing tutorials of :) This look was actually really easy to do. I just painted my nails black with SH Black Out and then when it was dry I took a small paint brush, made dots diagonally down my nail and made them into drips and connected them. Then to fill in the red I dabbed kind of hard with my brush so it made divots in the red polish so it looks all gooey and liquid like :)

So what do you guys think?? The rest of the challenge is below

Thanks for reading :) and make sure you check out the other challengers below :0