Thursday, February 21, 2013

Glitter Me This: Silver Holo review and some dots!

Good morning! 

Well we've made it past the halfway mark! Woohoo! LOL This week feels like it's taking forever! Is it just me?! 

In much better news, I've got another pretty from Nicole over at Glitter Me This! This time it's an absolutely gorgeous silver/ almost light blue linear holo! :) 

Wait for it.....


The formula on this one is much like the light pink one but slightly less thick in my opinion. This silver is much less sheer, I'm wearing three coats for review purpose but you could definitely get away with two. It's also got a stronger liner holo effect which is awesome! :) This one dried just as quick, if not quicker, then the pink holo and I have to say I love polishes that don't take forever to dry! 

Make sure you go check out Nicole's Etsy shop HERE, she's got some of these pretty holos for sale already!! :) 

So what do you think?

Thanks for reading guys :) 


  1. Amazing girl!!!! You make them look so good!!!!

  2. likey! Who's sporting perfect dots now? lol

  3. This is beautiful! Who doesn't love a good holo? Love the dots too!