Friday, February 15, 2013

We just love that stamp!

Hey guys!

I hope everyone's Valentine's Day went well! Nick ended up buying me a dozen roses and oh my gosh they smell so good! I would post a pic but I don't have a vase big enough at the moment -_- hahah so I need to go get one today...

So I showed my mom my nails yesterday and she just fell in love with the stamp I used! Since her mani was getting kind of old we decided to redo them with the stamp. :)  I'm loving the color she chose as a base, very Valentine's Day-ish... even if it's over ;) 

Colors used:
- China Glaze Escaping Reality
- L.A. Colors striping polish in Black

What a great color to stamp over! I wish it didn't require so many coats (aka dry time -_-) but still the black looks just gorgeous over it! 

So what do you guys think?

Thanks for reading :)