Monday, February 4, 2013

Holographic leopard

Good morning guys!

So Saturday was a really amazing day for me... I went to an Ulta and found two Layla holos on clearance! I couldn't even believe it! LOL I had heard that some people were finding them on clearance so I actually went to one last Tuesday but they didn't have any :( Thankfully there are two near me and the other one had a few left! You know I scooped them up! 

I was super excited to use them so I picked Layla Coral Glam to put on. I had a slightly different idea for this mani but I ran out of time Saturday night.. so I just stamped over it with some good old leopard print :) Check it out!

Colors used:
- Layla Coral Glam
- L.A. Colors striper polish in Black

Of course the sun was already down by the time I did these so sorry no sun pics! I did shine a flashlight on them though so you can see the holo a but more ;) 

I was sad when I realized that top coat dulls the holographic effect a little :( I mean it's still there and the holographic-ness is amazing but it was a bit stronger before tc -_- Oh well!

What do you think?

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Thanks for reading guys! :) 


  1. Love these; they are so pretty! I need to dig through the clearance polishes again at my local Ultas!

  2. Luck you! I've been dying for a holo! I went to Ulta and picked up a few facial products and an OPI on clearance but I didn't see any holos :(

    Super cute mani BTW!

    Kali Now Living

  3. Great manicure! I have Giveaway in my blog. Enter if you like it :

  4. It's very, very beautiful, love it!!

  5. likey all da blinginess! <3

  6. So pretty! I love that you used a holo as your leopard print base. It makes the design really stand out! :-)

    ~ Yun

  7. I've been seeing holos all over the place today, I feel left out!! This is fab!!