Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Review: Born Pretty Store Flocking Powder

Hi guys!

I'm really excited about today's post, Daisy from the Born Pretty Store recently contacted me to do a review for them. I was very excited to be able to get some blue flocking powder to try out. For those of you who don't know what flocking powder is, it's really small fibers that when put on your nail create a velvet look/ feel. It's super cool! The flocking powder from the Born Pretty Store goes for $7.99 and can be purchased HERE.

So let's get down to it! :) The package comes with a sizable container of flocking powder, a brush to brush off the excess powder, and some flat tweezers to make picking up the powder extremely easy.

So while I'm doing this review I'm just going to do a short little tutorial to show you guys how to use the powder as well :)

As far as the powder goes, it's really easy to work with. The fibers are very fine so you don't get any clumping. I actually bought some flocking powder from my local craft store and it can't even compare to it. The fibers in the store bought one are much larger. 

To start off, paint your nails with one coat of a color that is close to your flocking powder. Because I am doing a design three of my nails are pink and two are the blue of the flocking powder. 

After your first coat has completely dried paint another, slightly thicker, coat. Make sure you go one at a time here. While the polish is still wet pick up some flocking powder with the tweezers and sprinkle it over your nail. Don't be afraid to use a lot you can put the excess back into the container. After you've sprinkled it on top lightly pat it down using your other finger. It should look like this...

After that use the brush to brush off the excess onto your surface. And viola!! Make sure you don't top coat it after this though because it would ruin it! ;)

I did a little design on my other nails to show you guys how easy it is to work with :) 

Flocking powder gives such a cool effect and it really isn't as hard to apply as I thought it would be. Wearability is ok, I would say it lasts about 1-2 days. Just because it is so fuzzy it's easy to come off, and it gets kind of weird when you get it wet (it does dry really quickly though). But it creates a fantastic look especially for a night out! 

I would absolutely reccommend this product from the Born Pretty Store. Amazing prices and free shipping to boot!

Again, if you want to buy this flocking powder click HERE :) 

Oh and before you do, Daisy was kind enough to give me a 10% off coupon to share with all of you! So make sure you use it! :) 

So what do you guys think? Will you buy some? If you do don't forget to use my coupon!! ;)

Thanks for reading! :) 


  1. haha I love it! this is the exact same thing I received from the Born Pretty Store :) there is just something about navy blue fuzzy nails I suppose

  2. Ahhh you do nails so beautifully! I love the such a clever idea!

    Jazz x

  3. I'm usually not a fan, but I quite like the flocking on an accent nail :D

  4. I actually have a huge pack of these that I got from Michael's haha, but love this color <3

  5. I've yet to try the born pretty flocking powder. Yet again you've done such a lovely job on this look and the hearts were a stinkin cute touch especially with bright blue flocking powder which really brings out the pink!

  6. I don't like this "powder". Think it just like the Muppets... But you know what? It looks great on your fingers! I like it!!

  7. what a cool manicure, great idea, love it :D