Thursday, February 7, 2013

I cheated! The *almost* tribal nails...

Good morning!

Ugh is it really Thursday again?! I feel like I was just writing to you guys about how much I don't like Thursdays... hmmmmm! 

Well anyways many of you know that I really want to do tribal nails, like really bad. But the thing is I'm too scared to do them T.T I just can't imagine getting all those lines so perfect and not muddying them up. I think I need to do more youtube research on them. I needed to paint my nails last night and didn't really have a lot of time so I decided that I would do some good old stamping because it doesn't really take too long. I was looking through my Bundle Monster plates and came upon a design that reminded me a lot of tribal print! I almost cut myself taking that plate out of the stack so fast! LOL! It didn't stamp as cleanly as I would have wished but hey I'll take it! ;)

Colors used:
- Lime Crime Once in A Blue Mousse
- L.A. Colors striping polish in Black

This makes me want to try tribal nails even worse! UGH! Anyone know of any good tutorials out there? I'm determined now and when I'm determined nothing stands in my way.... except for sparkly things.... dammit! 

So what do you guys think?

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  1. I think it came out great! I especially love that the tips are black..makes it pop more :)

    Kali Now Living

  2. Even if you "cheated" it's super pretty :)

  3. If you painted colored stripes then stamped this design you'd have even more tribal-esque nail w/o all the hard work. lol Looking good dahling! <3

  4. That is a difficult stamp to use anyway so I consider it a success ;)

  5. This look amaaaazing, Kristine! I'm especially loving all of the Lime Crime polishes you keep using...I seriously need to get some of them!!