Sunday, February 3, 2013

You're outta this world!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I decided to revisit some galaxy nails! I've only ever done one and I knew I wanted to try them again. I actually wanted to do some galaxy drip nails really bad but time was not on my side -_- I will do them soon for sure though! 

I tried to go off of memory on galaxy nails. I know they're pretty easy because you just sponge on some colors but I'm too picky! Lol! But I really enjoyed recreating these nails so make sure you check them out :) 

Colors used:
- Sally Hansen Heart of Stone
- Sally Hansen Hard to Get
- ELF Sean Escape
- SInful Colors Let's Talk
- Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope 
- Color Club Gift of Sparkle

Not too shabby right? ;) I really want to try some of the yellow-y orange ones but I'm still a bit frightened! I also have seen some really pretty turquoise ones. I know I'll be doing some more galaxy nails in the near future!

Oh and today is the Super Bowl woohoo!! Since my Patriots have been knocked out I may or may not watch the it... but I know what I am watching... THE PUPPY BOWL! Hah! It's literally puppies playing in a super bowl-esque arena, probably the cutest thing I have ever watched in my entire life. It's on at 3 on Animal Planet if any of you puppy lovers want to watch! LOL

So what do you think? Are you going to watch the Super Bowl? Who are you rooting for? :)

Thanks for reading guys!! :) 


  1. wow this looks great!! I love the details :)

  2. Inspiring! I love this, and Kaleidoscope is adding lots of interest here! I love that polish. This is beautiful, I love the colors. <3

    1. I'm definitely happy I used Kaleidoscope for the extra stars! Thank you so much!!! :D

  3. I just did my first galaxy nails! These look really great! :)

    1. I saw them!!! SO gorgeous!!! And thanks so much!! :)

  4. Wow this is so beautiful! Great job on the galaxy nails! :-)

    ~ Yun

  5. What a gorgeous galaxy , that is so beautiful!

  6. GREAT JOB!!! I've always wanted to try this on my nails!!

  7. LOVE the galaxy nails!! And I always watch the Puppy Bowl!! Everyone that I work with knows that I don't care a bit about the Super Bowl, so they always ask me if I'm watching the Puppy Bowl lol