Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oh No!

Uh oh! Look what happened when I was closing a window! 
*Warning you are about to see some stainedddd nail* :(

I don't want any nubbins!

But funny story about this. Earlier today my boyfriend and I were going out to get some lunch and we were going right past a Sally's and you know I had to make him stop so I could go in especially with the clearance sale going on! So I was perusing the aisle/ clearance when my eye caught Orly Nail Rescue. I've seen this featured on a couple of blogs that I follow so I was like, ya know what? I should pick this up "just in case" I ever need it. Who would have thought I'd be using it the same day I bought it? Not me! Haha! I figured I'd photograph the process while I was at it...

All of the supplies come in a cute little box :)

And heres all the supplies you'll need to fix your nail.

Nail Glue
Repairing Powder
Nail Buffer
Ok so first you're going to take all of your polish off of your nail. Then you're going to add a thin layer of nail glue over your entire nail. I sort of broke the rules here and only applied it to the cut in my nail O.O shhhhh don't tell! After that your going to immediately dip your nail into the nail repair powder and tap off the excess...

After dipped into the nail repair powder
Your nail should look something like this ^. After the powder has dried you take your nail buffer and buff your nail until it's one even surface. I applied my base coat before taking the next picture...

And there you have it! Good as new! The instructions say to remove the product soak your nail in acetone so I assume as long as you use non-acetone nail polish remover you can paint and repaint your nails as much as you want.

And here's the finished product you can't even tell I broke my nail :) This is definitely a must-have if you want to keep from getting the dreaded nubbins I am SO glad I decided to pick this up today!

Thanks for reading guys :)


  1. I love this!! Thanks so much for the info and post!! I need to pick this up some time because I DO NOT want any nubbins either!! :P

    1. Thanks!! I was so happy I picked this up before it happened the cut wasn't on my picture hand but STILL nubbins just isn't a good look on me :)