Saturday, September 29, 2012

Walk for Alzheimer's nails

Hey everyone again!

Ok so a little back story here, my mom is a DBA for an assisted living home for the elderly. Tommorow she is going on a walk for Alzheimer's and I thought what better way to represent then to do some Alzheimer's themed nails for her :) The color for Alzheimer's is purple so I got to use one of my favorite purples :) I ended up doing another french on her again since she liked them so much last time! Now check out her lovely Alzheimer's nails everyone!

Colors used:
- Sinful Colors Let's Talk
- Rimmel Venus
- White Acrylic Paint

On her ring finger I put a small ribbon using white acrylic paint and then went over some of it with Rimmel Venus. I was so sad to see the dark purple start seeping through the white :( It still came out really beautiful but I should have used some more coats of white. Oh well it's still awesome!

What do you guys think?
Thanks for reading :)

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