Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Polka dots anyone?

Hello again everyone! Today I have a polka dot gradient that I was inspired by over on pinterest. 

I started off with my base coat and then did two thinish coats of Sally Hansen White On. I always have trouble with white nail polish as it's so hard to apply but Sally Hansen's White On is definitely more workable then some others. 

I then took my dotting tool and started with the lightest blue, Petites 554 Baby Blue, and did the larger dots on the lower part of my nail. Then I took my medium blue, Sinful Colors Love Nails, and did the large dots in the middle of my nail. After that I took the darkest blue, Sally Hansen Blue It, and did the large dots at the tip of my nails. After I finished all of the big dots I went back with a smaller dotting tool with all of the colors and made smaller dots creating a gradient. I finished it off with my top coat of China Glaze Fast Forward and they were done!

I hope you guys like them!

Thanks for coming and checking out my blog!