Monday, September 24, 2012

Very first saran wrap nails!

Well hello again!

So after I did my bff's nails I decided to try something new on my own. I've been seeing the saran wrap method pop up all over the place and I have to say I've got a love/hate relationship with it. I wanted to do something for fall so I thought I would put some red, yellow, and copper together and maybe it would look like fall leaves :) The results are ehhhh in my opinion. I do like them but they aren't like anything I've ever worn so they take a little to get used to. So here you guys go, my fall, smudgy, water-colory nails...

Colors used:
- China Glaze Harvest Moon
- Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
- Ms. Pedicure Red

It was pretty easy to create I just painted my nails with China Glaze Harvest Moon and let them dry completely. Then once it was dry I put a blob of Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow and a blob of Ms. Pedicure Red next to each other on a flat surface. I crumpled up some saran wrap and dabbed it in the colors and a couple times on my surface to get some of the polish off. After that I dabbed a couple times on my nails until I was happy with how they looked. 

So what do you guys think yay or nay? I'm still a little undecided. 
Thanks again for reading :)

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